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Friday 17 August 2007


Tasty morsels are getting less frequent at dinner because SS thinks I should stick to healthy cat food/snack for seniors, whatever that means. However, she usually relents during the weekend when we sit sunning ourselves in the back garden and we would have cheese and biscuits. One time she was eating these revolting wasabi peas. I wouldn't touch them in a million years (not that I would be around for that long, even though I have nine lives)! So, Charlie-chien, don't be too mollified by the frozen peas on the kitchen floor.


Islay said...

Dear Momo,
I know you're right about the peas. Sometimes I just can't help myself. I guess it's an old habit to pick up things that fall before the other animal can get them. I'm the only animal left in the house now, except when the rabbit comes in, and, between you and me, it's not too quick, if you know what I mean - tsk, herbivores!

Anyway, don't mind the early morning mist too much, for I think that that usually portends a beautiful day; the mist will burn off and the sun will come out, and you can look forward to some cheese and biscuit on the porch again!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Yes, I do look forward to our quality snack time together but the weather hasn't been too conducive to sunning lately.

Herbivores are a breed to themselves. Luckily the human herbivore in the house, i.e. SS's mother, is quite sympathetic to us omnivores.

I hear that pizza is on the menu tonight. Yummmmm!