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Monday 28 April 2008

Momo's journal

My slow coach SS only manages to cough up less than half the amount of words required in the time I have been away.

Looks like I have to be at the mercy of friends and sissies until she finishes that last chapter and mops up her thesis.

I had a great time in Italy with Opus and Roscoe .........

photos by Opus and Roscoe

.....but their mom had to leave for a business trip, so we all went to Sassy's for a few days. We had a slumber party....

Photo by Sassy and Karl

Photo by Sassy

We also worked a bit on the CCSI casting. Sassy said we weren't allowed to go anywhere until work was done. Here we are, hard at work..........

Photo by Sassy

Next stop...

Yay, we will be visiting Asta, my sissy, in the Big Apple!

Photo by Sassy

Winter has come to the south! Snow has been reported in inland towns and on the mountains. Sydney is soggy from persistant rain in the last 2 weeks. It's windy, cold and wet. Poor SS, poor me!

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Off to Italy

We left for Italy last night in the Flying Bus in the pouring rain. I'll be visiting with the boys, Opus and Roscoe, for the next week! Please visit us at their home to see what we are up to. Today they have some hints as to how to be a greener pet to honour Earth Day.

Poster by Opus and Roscoe. The paws are those of Karl, Ruis, Opus, mine, Sassy and Roscoe.

One of those hints may land you in serious trouble with your neighbour(s) but it's fun though! I would love to do it!

See you all in Italy!

Tuesday 22 April 2008

An invitation came and I'm OFF

Those lovely Italian boys, Opus and Roscoe, sent this invitation to me:

How can a kitty possibly refuse such an invitation!
I am OFF, ciao SS! The table is turned, I am abandoning you rather than the other way around. Power to the kitty!!!!!

Enjoy writing your thesis in cold, grey, wet Sydney while I head off to sunny Italy to enjoy good food and company. Listen, I want that thesis DONE when I get back, d'you hear! I need to visit my friends and update them about my Italian trip.

A big thankyou to Criz for this award....

That's what friends are for and we at the CB are particularly good at giving support and sharing good and bad times. Get well soon, Criz! in trun I would like to dedicate this to ALL the kitties and furries who kindly came to visit when I was sick recently. This is to thankyou for all the healing purrs and support.

Sukie has given me this lovely rose

Thankyou so much! I would like to give it to my friends at the Topcatrules, my sissies Asta, Momo-dog and Sassy, to Opus and Roscoe, and to my sweetheart Socks and his sisters for their friendship and support for me.

Efurrykitty, please support the CCSI in its third episode - The Missing Mummy Caper, to be aired in May.

Casting call is out at Sassy's. Please visit her for more details. Anyone who is interested in behind-the-scene work such as graphics is most welcome to contact her too. Good scripts are always needed to keep CCSI going, so get those literary brain cells working!

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Temporary farewell

Great news - Papa Jonathan has rescued Mama Jessica and she is HOME!!!!


Photo by Opus and Roscoe
Picture is better than a thousand words*, but if you need explaining, go to see what those
Italian kitties and Karl have to say about this. Good thing Opus had the presence of mind not to dump Emil and Sassy into the garbage tip as well.

*perhaps SS can put lot of kitty pictures in and wouldn't have to do any more on that thesis of hers. Just a thought. It would certainly be a whole lot more entertaining than petrography and multivariate analyses.

After the party......

Photo by Sassy
Need I say more?

On this note I have to bid a temporary farewell to my friends as my SS will be very busy in the next 2 weeks over her thesis.

She will not be able to help me blog or visit much. I shall be thinking of you all and will be missing you. Please don't forget me but leave encouraging messages here for my SS. I will be back!!!
Purrrrrrs to all!

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Blogoversary Party Time!

This is the day - first Blogoversary of the Cat Realm. And we are all here to help celebrate in a unique Lizard BBQ.

Going back a little bit in time, I had a long way to come from the land down under but the Italian boys, Opus and Roscoe came to pick me up in their Flying Van. Roscoe and I had such fun time playing games while Opus took the wheel as we flew across the Atlantic Pond.

Photo by Opus and Roscoe

On the way we also picked up Sassy and the cake from her barn in the Heartland of America and Asta from New York City, arriving bright and early at Karl's....

Photo by Opus and Roscoe

We actually arrived a day earlier to practice our routines and do some busking to earn our keep as you saw from my last post. It was an exhausting day so before the others arrived we took the opportunity to rest up a bit

l. to r. Mrs Oz on the Table, Charlotte under the table, Socks on the pillow, Scylla and me

Then everyone came. This is the group photo of all 36 of us - Karl's family, Ruis's whole family from the Netherlands, Charlie, Charlotte and me from Sydney, Momo and Pinot from Toronto, Opus and Roscoe from Italy, Jan's Funny Farm contingent, Sassy, Asta, Riley, Socks and his sisters Scylla and Charybdis.

Photo by Karl

BBQ time!
photo by Karl

While the lizards were being grilled, we relaxed in the pool, drinking and savouring salmon sushi, sashimi and snacks. Charlotte and Riley volunteered to guard the blogoversary cake that Sassy brought all the way from the mid west....

Photo by Sassy and Karl

Then it's ENTERTAINMENT TIME.........we present the number one kitty Mariachi group LOS GATOS seen here with guest artists Momo and Socks, and the dancer Charybdis

l. to r. Los Gatos - back row, Roscoe, Opus, Karl, Ruis, Sassy
front row seated Charybdis, standing Momo and Socks
Photo by Opus and Roscoe; Charybdis, Socks and Momo dressed by Momo

Then, the Mariachi Kitty Dance Troupe performing La Bamba and the Mexican Hat Dance....

l. to r. back row Socks, Opus, Roscoe, Riley, Gucci
front row Momo, Scylla, Sassy, Charlotte, Charybdis

More food and drinks....

photo by Karl

And the party goes on....more photos and action in Karl's blog and those of the participants listed above.

Monday 14 April 2008

Busking for Temptations

As you may know Karl is going to celebrate his first blogoversary with a Lizard BBQ party on April 15. We, his friends, are all going along to the party, of course. While we are there we decide to do some busking to help with paying for our Temptations. There is no point doing it after the party since we will be all blotto and not fit to perform, so we do it before the party. All photos by Sassy except the last.

This is us, all ready to perform....

l. to r. Back row: Mystery, Ruis, Karl, Emil, Roscoe
Front row: Me, Sassy, Mrs Oz, Opus, Asta

Busking in town....
l. to r. Standing - Ruis, Karl, me, Opus, Asta, Roscoe and Mrs Oz.
Seated - Sassy.

The Mariachi Sissfur Band in action....

l. to r. Asta, Sassy and moi

At the local nightclub, doing my act with music backup by Socks, Opus and Roscoe ...

Please all come to Karl's party tomorrow. We will also have photos posted in our blogs.

Up, Up and Away...

After the Doll House was put away, Pye decided to go kite flying. I was definitely up to it. And UP was the right word to use too....

Sunday 13 April 2008

Visit to the Dolls' House

It was a pretty boring weekend with SS working both days in the university at her thesis. Therefore, when Tigger, Trixie and Pyewacket put a post up in their blog about getting out their doll house from the attic to play, I enthusiastically invited myself along. What's a few hundred kilometres among friends especially when we kitties can teleport.

In quasi- HP style I teleported, via the picture. Result - Momo Lisa on the wall where there used to be some other Italian dame. Tigger the FBI cat was wide-eyed with surprise.....

I started off rather conventionally and sat by the foot of the chair where Pyewacket was resting.......

Then I graduated up onto the top of the bureau...

I think by then I was rather settled in and Leslie would have a bit of a job getting rid of me.
A great afternoon was had by all.

Saturday 12 April 2008

Fur for all seasons

As you may know I was a stray until I made my furrever home with my SS's mother some 9 years ago. Therefore, I did not really know what breed I was. During my recent illness SS asked the vet in passing and he thought I was a Norwegian Forest Cat. I like that - sounds a lot more exotic than a long hair domestic. Of course, the chance of me visiting Norway is just about nil.

I look different in summer with shorter fur than in winter/spring. I have included some photos here for comparison. SS can testify to the fact that there has been no significant weight difference between the winter and summer months. In any case, I am a light weight at 7.5lbs. Therefore, please call my floofy and not fat!

Another lovely Norwegian Forest Cat in the CB is Miss Kitty.

Don't you think we look just a little bit alike?

Thursday 10 April 2008

Knot Mee

Thankyou, efurrycat for your faith in me. I am completely exonerated. Please see Mr Hendrix comment's in my previous post where he describes Bendrix ruminating in his sleep:

"it was me and Knot Mee, it was me and Knot Mee. plants, and whapping and Knot Mee"

Bonnie Underfoot also agrees that it was a typical Knot Mee scenario. Furthermore, what better character reference could one have when those honourable Zoolatry kitties unanimously support my innocence......

Things happened ........... and it was Knot Mee who did them!

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Oh dear!

A great party was had by all. However, ..........

Photo by Karl
Enough said. I am in trouble with SS as I had promised to behave. Knot Mee was definitely there. Bendrix saw him! Victor and Bonnie, what do you think? I suspected somehow they met up for this party. For further details of our activities and more photos, please visit Sassy, Scruffy and Karl later. I am outta here. Posting of any more photos is an admission of guilt.

To divert attention, I am going to thank Goldie and Shade for giving me this award.

I blush to accept it right now but anything to get SS off my back. I don't want her to ground me for other parties, since Karl's Lizard BBQ is coming up and Dr Tweety is having something on soon.

If you go to Sassy's blog you would see two hippie cats with flowers on their heads, quite overcome by whatever they have been taking. They happen to be Opus and Roscoe, the irresistibly charming Italians. To them, I dedicate this award!

Tuesday 8 April 2008

Party - Day 2

This is the real day of return of Asta. We, of course, have been partying for sometime. Details can be seen in various blogs - Sassy, Scruffy, Opus and Roscoe, Karl to name but a few. Here we are, all waiting patiently at the entry of Asta's apartment building for her return....

photo by Koobuss and Sassy

More partying with the return of Asta. For the newcomers, here are the house rules as stipulated by Scruffy, Lacie and BabyStan

* Dogs, get along with the cats (and vice versa.) If you can't get along, remove yourself from the situation and go to another play station....we'll have board games, videos, bowling, a slip and slide, an indoor pool,an egg toss, mud play, paw painting, and too many other things to count.

*The cats will have a fishing contest...(no, the fish aren't alive...Butchy and Snickers wouldn't permit live fishing....) a mouse release game...all mice will be unharmed in this practice; (oh, and they will be numbered so we can find at least half of them when we leave)...lotsa real furniture scratchin' posts, a meatloaf contest...my idea!!!!...which cat most closely resembles a meatloaf wins a prize...and buckets of other things.

*No cat can mess with Girl Girl. Girl Girl may spend at least part of the pawty ridin' on Mango's back.

*Dogs will stay OUT of the kitty litter boxes. No exceptions made.

*There will be NO cooking of cats, Whippets. While your idea of Kitten CATchatorie is, um, clever, their idea of Whippetchini Alfredo is just asking for trouble.....keep the trash talk under your breath.

*Those wishing to play "How many animals can we stuff in Asta's elevator" may only do so if the elevator is less than half full of apartment residents.

*Dogs needing to go "OUT" are ask to NOT wait until the last minute as the elevator may be full with animals playin' the above HMACWSIAE game.

*All cats and dogs are asked to refrain from chasin' the Wheelies. It would just lead to Mayhem and Havoc. (The names of Mumsie's next dogs.)

*Any animals dog or kitties eating a raw food diet are asked to use a paper plate (if there are any left) if snackin' in Asta's parents bed. For that matter, all diners are asked to use a plate....there's nuthin' worse than sleepin' in a bed covered with crushed potato chips.

Monday 7 April 2008

Asta's Homecoming Party

My sissy, Asta, has been away with her pawrents to visit Italy and will be coming home on April 8.

Graphics by the Zoolatry

Her terrier friends, Scruffy, Lacie and BabyStan, have decided a Surprise Welcome Home Party 24 hours in advance is in order and have invited all us kitties to join in the fun. They have organized balloons, drinks, food and games but Sassy and I are taking some with us too. Apparently there are some house rules, please check Scruffy's bloggie for them.

Are we all ready???? Sit tight - we're off in our Flying Van to Asta's party in New York City.

Photo by Sassy
l. to r. upper row Emil, Mrs. Oz, Karl
l. to r. lower row Opus, Roscoe, Sassy, Me, Ruis

Food - I am sticking to pasta - Seafood, Bolognese, Carbonara, Italian sausages , can't get more Italian than that ......

Pizzas have been ordered ...............

Photo by Karl
Back, l. o r. Mrs.Oz, Karl, Ruis, Emil, Me
Front, l. to r. Sassy, Roscoe and Opus

We are ready when you are!!!!
Please all come and join in the fun!!!!

PS - good news from the vet - the results of the tests have come back and I am almost normal. YoooHoooo, let's party!!!!!!

Sunday 6 April 2008

Easy like Sunday

My SS has taken a 3 day weekend to stay home with me. OK, she takes home work to do but at least she is around. Our clocks were turned back one hour last night signifying the end of summer time for us. The days have been noticeably shorter and cooler and we are enjoying the last of our warm sun.

Next week is forecasted to be raining all week and if the weather bureau is to be believed we are in for a cold wet winter, which means I will be more likely to curl up on the Turkish rug in the family room than on the lawn.

Thankyou to all the kitties who have been coming around to enquire after me. I feel much better now and am eating well. I will have to return to the vet tomorrow for followup tests. The Zoolatry kitties and their mom have done this colourful rendition of me. Don't you think it's just gorgeous? Thankyou to those extremely talented and artistic kitties and their mom.