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Monday 16 November 2009

Soon to be abandoned

I am about to be abandoned again soon. Can you guess where my SS is heading off to this time?


She will be off in 2 weeks and won't be back until Christmas. I will be looked after by her sister who is a very nice lady and shares her cheese and milk with me.

PS Looks like I am NOT going to get another post in before that SS of mine heads off to Vietnam. Yes, it does looks like China because the Chinese had been there for 1000 years and left their indelible marks.

Have a good and safe Christmas, efurryone! I will miss you all but I'll back. Please don't forget me!

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Introducing Pomelo

I am very excited today. A family friend has adopted this really adorable kitty, Pomelo. I know you would say, what's so special about kitty adoption. Well, this friend used to be scared of kitties (yes, it's hard to imagine, but there it was). SS and her niece have been working hard over the years to cure her of this irrational fear. AND WE HAVE SUCCEEDED!!!!

Yay for Pomelo!!!! He is a little kitten that the local vet had rescued and put up for adoption. Really tiny, cute, active, playful and absolutely loves being made a fuss of.

Monday 9 November 2009

Cat in the Manger

Now that spring and the warmer weather have arrived, we are having more birdie visitors to our yard. SS sometimes put out food for them. Although I don't eat the grains, I guard them so that no birdies would dare to approach them without inciting my wrath.

My SS says that I am not a very nice kitty. Wouldn't you have done the same?

Friday 6 November 2009

My Spring Garden

October has been cooler and wetter than average, so that's good news for my garden. We have been conscious of the fact that much of Australia are under drought condition and therefore try to conserve as much water as possible by switching to plants that do not need so much watering.

Here you see the beautiful Jacaranda in its lilac bloom and the red Bottle-brush. In the left foreground is the Jasmine tree whose little fragrant flowers are just coming through.

You can barely see them but these grow in a circular patch under the jacaranda tree...

Does any gardening cat know what they are? This is a special corner in our garden as my doggie predecessor is buried here. As for the fountain, it no longer functions, but remains my favourite place to hang out...

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Tummy Toosday

Since SS had jumped the queue by posting my toesies on Saturday, I'll just have to show my tummy today. The trials of a blogging kitty are never ending.....