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Tuesday 14 September 2010

I am NOT happy

I am definitely NOT happy. That SS of mine is leaving for Siberia and Mongolia for a whole month.

Maybe I will leave and see the world myself .......

Then again maybe not.....

That's what you call sitting on the fence.

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Wordless with surprise

I am totally blown over and WORDLESS with surprise. Wendy of the LOL fame has done a full featured post on little old me. Thankyou so much, Wendy!!!

Please go and have a look at her humourous takes of this kitty.

Gotta go - the grass is waiting to be nommed.

Monday 6 September 2010

Spring activities

Spring is for....

Enjoying the sunshine in my pretty garden

Smelling the grass

Looking for lizards

Thinking deep thoughts

Thursday 2 September 2010

I am a teenager!

It's my 13th birthday today. Well, actually we don't really know that. I was a stray and came to live with SS's mom in 1998. I was thought to be about 1 year old then. No way I was going to tell them how old I was. Not the done thing for a lady to reveal her age. The reason SS adopted today as my birthday is because this is my Gotcha month and it's the day of my doggie sissy Momo's birthday.

Today I am allowed to do my favourite things without fear of being reprimanded, such as.....

Sleeping in the dirt and getting my fur into a mess

Sitting on the top of the high wall and surveying the activities in the garden

Staying up on the roof and wouldn't come down when called

Of course there will be cold meats and cheese for lunch and lots and lots of treats throughout the day. There will be milk and all sorts of drinkies too. Please drop by my garden and stay a while.

Do help yourselves to the snacks and the drinks!!!!

When you are tired you can laze on the grass in the sun or rest up inside my pink tent....

This is a photo taken by my sissy Asta at the party.....

Thanks +++ to Dr Tweety and Eric and Flynn for sending me very cute birthday cards.

I am just the luckiest of kitties to have such sweet and caring furriends.

Thankyou, one and all, for sharing my birthday with me.