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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Happy Christmas to all

That time of the year is approaching. My SS and I would like to wish efurryone and their families a joyous Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Thankyou for being our furriends.

Sunday 11 December 2011


I was just telling the gang recently that SS and I have been celebrating by sharing a salmon steak (and SS let me have as much as I wanted before she finished the rest, bless her!) due to a welcoming change in her job situation. Well, of course the whole gang was happy for us but got a little carried away over the thought that we would dine on salmon steak everyday. On that totally unfounded assumption, Karl and Ruis decided that they would migrate and live next to us......

picture by Karl

picture by Ruis

While I, too, would dearly love this to be the case, I have to tell these lovekitties that they are dreaming. :sigh:

On that note, I would also have to face the bad news. With SS's improved employment situation my blogging and visiting time would be severely curtailed. We will miss you all but SS promises that she will help me visit and post whenever possible.

Be good and keep well, kitties!

Saturday 3 December 2011

Birthday Party for Ruis - CANCELLED

We are having a belated birthday celebration for Ruis. Hope you can all join us for a blast...

It's a long way for me to travel because he lives in Holland. First, the gang meet up in Schiphol, Amsterdam, from where we take the train to where Ruis lives.....

photo by Karl and Gracie

I was tired when I got there and took a snooze before heading to the fancy restaurant where the dinner party is to be held. It's actually in a cave.

Where is efurrybuddy? Sure I got the right day. Uh oh, wrong time. My body clock is still Aussi time and this is Europe. Duh! More napz while waiting for the others to turn up.

Here we all are ......

Thanks to Karl for letting me use his pics. For more party action please visit Karl, Gracie and of course the birthday boy Ruis.

UPDATE - it is with a sad and heavy heart that I have to announce that the party is cancelled as one of the members in our gang, Opus, has just crossed the Bridge.

Run free, Opus. Until we meet again......

Thursday 1 December 2011

My lilac garden

My SS has been super busy lately and we have not been able to blog or visit as much as we would have liked. We miss you all.

We have had a wet spring and today is officially the first day of summer. Here is my lovely lilac garden ....

And me snoozing on the lawn after a hard day's work.....

It is with a very heavy heart and leaky eyes that I have to report that my good furriend Dr Tweety has been diagnosed with cancer. Some of you may remember this very humorous and feisty kitty and his lovely family of furries. Please go and leave purrs.

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Mieow to all, I'm back!!!

Mieow, have you missed me? I have missed you all, my furriends. We will come by and visit you all and catch up on news.

My SS came back late last night and we snuggled and cuddled. We have missed each other. Do you think if I sit on her flip-flops she would not be able to go away again?

Friday 4 November 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem

Purrs and prayers for Peace in our world

Further purrs for peace for homeless furries.

My SS is bizzy with work these three weeks and I do not have help to post or visit. In the mean time efurryone please stay safe and well. Look forward to seeing my furriends soon.

Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween


May I remind efurryone that The Ladies of Autumn is hosting a Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein later today? Please all go and have a scary time!

Thursday 20 October 2011


In honour of one of my oldest blogging furriends, the one and only Derby, whose birthday it is today, I am showing my furry tocks. Yes, not one pic but two.

Please go and wish the gorgeous orange boy a Happy Birthday!

Monday 17 October 2011

Woohoo, out I go!!!

Yay, my SS came back and it means more treats, more cuddles and snuggles and more importantly I get to go out to the garden for some sun on my tum...

Survey the neighbours' gardens and their woofies from the high vantage point of my roof....

And watch the birdies and butterflies from my own garden bench...

A big thankyou to all my furriends who came to visit and keep me company during the time my SS was away. Now that she is back please come by and she will treat us all to some nice cheese, milk and ham.

On a less exuberant note, my beautiful furriend Parker is having serious health problem. She is one of our oldest blogging furriends and we love her dearly. I am turning up my purring motor for her and hope that things go smoothly for her and her family.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Home alone

I am home alone this week because SS is working out of town. My uncle and cousin are coming to visit and feed me twice a day. Even though weather isn't fantastic, I still miss being able to go out to the garden.

Look forward to SS coming home next week. In the mean time I can't visit any of my furriends. Be good, efurryone, [::sniggers::] and stay well.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Granny cat on granny chair

This is supposed to be a Thursday in the Garden post but since the garden is pretty soggy from rain it is better to rest up on gran's rocking chair...

Note that the cushion and towel are my own, as a mark of me taking over the chair.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Live Strong

This is the first time we participate. Today we remember all our friends, both humans and furries, who have gone to the Bridge as a consequence of cancer and those who are still fighting against it. Amongst these are my uncle and cousin who died of brain tumours (they were young when the cancer struck) and my aunt who is a survivor of breast cancer. Fresh in our minds is a good friend of SS, who is still undergoing treatment of breast cancer. We purr and pray that these can be controlled some day so that humans and furries can live their lives to the fullest.

Friday 30 September 2011

Floofy Friday

With the coming of warmer weather (ha, ha, you really wouldn't think it with all the wind and rain that we've been having), this floof is not going to last long. In fact, you can almost track where I have been in the house by the clumps of floof I left in my wake.

OK, go ahead, I know you'd want to rub my tummy.....

Have a good weekend, efurryone!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Thursday in the Garden - Not

High winds,
Heavy Rain,
With the promise of a hail storm.

In the (flooded) garden?
I think not!

This is just wishful thinking, not the real thing.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Things are not looking good for furries

A recent report from the Australian Companion Animal Council shows that dog and cat ownership is down across Australia in the past decade, with dog population decreasing by at least 14% and cat population dropping by about 10%. It blames high-density living, decline in the rate of home ownership, changing lifestyles and government legislation for this depressing trend. It states that “the costs associated with maintaining pets, difficulty in finding care during holidays, time constraints and moving to rented accommodation, particularly apartments, were the most common reasons why people no longer included animals in their households.”

In Australia, many apartment strata laws exclude the keeping of furries. With rental situation being tight in the cities, landlords are also excluding applicants with furries for houses and town houses.

The laws and regulations around pet ownership need to be changed and the public needs to be educated about finding and looking after the right pet because having the companionship of a pet is one of the most enjoyable life experiences, as we all know.

Adopt cats, you won't regret it!!!

Sunday 25 September 2011

Easy like (No) Sun-day

With the recent lovely spring sunny weather I have been hoping to show you all how I could relax in the sun like this....

but it was not to be because Sun Day has been replaced by wind, rain and flood in the garden. The temperature dropped by 10C in as many minutes and winds of up to 90km/h swept through the city. I sensibly took up my position by SS's bed and snoozed for the rest of the day...

Saturday 24 September 2011

My sissy Asta - an interview and a birthday party

As some of you may know, I have a lovely doggie sissy Asta who lives in New York with her artist mommi.

There is an interview featuring Asta about her very talented mommi and a show of her art works at Road Dog Tales. Please go and have a look.

It is also Asta's 5th birthday today. There will be a party and a commentathon at her place. Please drop by and support the effort.

The gang is hurrying over to the party, but we are stuck in the legendary New York traffic.....

photo by Gracie, Jan Funny Farmers and Socks

We are coming, Asta sissy!

Thursday 22 September 2011

Thursday in the Garden and a Surprise Birthday Party

Because of the early arrival of the warm weather this spring all the flowers are blooming early. Does anyone know what the red plant is?

Never say this kitty is lazy...I am a very much a paws-on gardener. Here I am examining the jacaranda tree. In about 6 weeks it will be blooming lilac.....

Today is the birthday of my old furriend Opus. He is sixteen!! As he hasn't been well lately, Gracie is hosting a surprise party at her place to cheer him up and hopefully make him feel better. Please all go along and wish him a happy one.


Uh oh, Gracie says we mustn't be too rowdy and the party should be kept low key. So Karl comes up with this scene.....

You reckon we are sedate and quiet enough????

Monday 19 September 2011

Meow like a pirate

Farewell SS, I am off to the high seas,
To win my bounty fair,

For I am a pirate cat,
Not one to cower in fear.

And look, ye kitties,
What my mate Mr Puddy from Victoria,
Has conjured up for me.....

Heave ho,
To the sea we go!

Sunday 18 September 2011

Celestial and terrestial cats

Have you ever look at the night sky and wonder if there were cats out there?
There sure are! And BIG ones too!

Just look at this paw...

Cat's Paw nebula (NGC6334). Discovered in 1837, this magnificent nebula can be located at the tip of the Scorpion's tail in Scorpius. It is 5,500 light years away and is many times the mass of the sun. Big cat indeed that has such paws. It is an emission nebula and its red colour is due to an abundance of ionized hydrogen atoms. The picture above was taken by Matt BenDaniel (www.starmatt.com/gallery/astro/cats.html).

Look at this, isn't it pretty?

The Cat's Eye Nebula (NGC 6543) discovered way back in 1786 is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Draco, about 3,300 light years away. Like us kitties, the Cat's Eye Nebula has one of the most complex forms. Eleven rings, or shells, of gas make up the Cat's Eye.

Back to earth...
My paws.....

and my eyes....

They may not be as big, but they are cuter, don't you think?

Thursday 15 September 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Well, well, well!!! The lovely warm spring weather persists and the garden is doing well. Here are the flowers but where is the kitty? I am definitely there. Look hard....

Still can't see me? Here I am....

You can just tell that I am totally cheesed off with the clicky box. I just won't look at it. Won't, won't, won't!!!

Let's head over to Head Gardener Jonesie and see what going on there.