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Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween


May I remind efurryone that The Ladies of Autumn is hosting a Halloween Party at Castle Felinestein later today? Please all go and have a scary time!

Thursday 20 October 2011


In honour of one of my oldest blogging furriends, the one and only Derby, whose birthday it is today, I am showing my furry tocks. Yes, not one pic but two.

Please go and wish the gorgeous orange boy a Happy Birthday!

Monday 17 October 2011

Woohoo, out I go!!!

Yay, my SS came back and it means more treats, more cuddles and snuggles and more importantly I get to go out to the garden for some sun on my tum...

Survey the neighbours' gardens and their woofies from the high vantage point of my roof....

And watch the birdies and butterflies from my own garden bench...

A big thankyou to all my furriends who came to visit and keep me company during the time my SS was away. Now that she is back please come by and she will treat us all to some nice cheese, milk and ham.

On a less exuberant note, my beautiful furriend Parker is having serious health problem. She is one of our oldest blogging furriends and we love her dearly. I am turning up my purring motor for her and hope that things go smoothly for her and her family.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Home alone

I am home alone this week because SS is working out of town. My uncle and cousin are coming to visit and feed me twice a day. Even though weather isn't fantastic, I still miss being able to go out to the garden.

Look forward to SS coming home next week. In the mean time I can't visit any of my furriends. Be good, efurryone, [::sniggers::] and stay well.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Granny cat on granny chair

This is supposed to be a Thursday in the Garden post but since the garden is pretty soggy from rain it is better to rest up on gran's rocking chair...

Note that the cushion and towel are my own, as a mark of me taking over the chair.

Sunday 2 October 2011

Live Strong

This is the first time we participate. Today we remember all our friends, both humans and furries, who have gone to the Bridge as a consequence of cancer and those who are still fighting against it. Amongst these are my uncle and cousin who died of brain tumours (they were young when the cancer struck) and my aunt who is a survivor of breast cancer. Fresh in our minds is a good friend of SS, who is still undergoing treatment of breast cancer. We purr and pray that these can be controlled some day so that humans and furries can live their lives to the fullest.