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Thursday 21 July 2011

Thursday Tales

As you may know, my SS is an archaeologist. However, besides having worked in Cambodia she has nothing in common with a certain celebrated character known as Lara Croft. Therefore, the picture below is purely in my imagination….

For starters, she doesn’t take me to the field. Secondly, she really digs, rather than gallivants glamorously around the countryside looking for ‘treasures’. Her treasures are broken bits of ceramics.
Actions? Yes, she has to climb across masonry in ruins, jump across stream, into ditches and trudge across deserts and jungles but never with a pistol strapped on her thigh or swing from trees. Sorry to say but this is the usual mundane action ….

Incidentally, this was taken in the moat outside the northern city wall of Angkor Thom. There you go, I wasn’t telling tales, she did work there!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

A Wedding!!!!!

Some of the 'older' kitty bloggers may remember Ruis, who has not been blogging for a while. Well, his humans are getting married today!!

So the gang - Karl, Gracie, Asta, Opus and Ollie, and myself - decide to go to the Netherlands to help celebrate, invitations or no. Since there are so many of us, we decided that we should rent a villa instead of inconveniencing Ruis. So here we are, arriving at the villa at Heel, where Ruis lives.....

Pretty nice, huh?

For a present, we decided to give them a surprise. Now isn't that better than any present? ::sniggers::

The ceremony is to be held in the backyard of the house. So all is set for the surprise....

Picture by Asta


In the evening we continue our celebrations in a local cafe/bar...

Pictures by Karl

Of course, as with all of the gang's parties, things got a little out of hand. Karl will take up the story. Please visit him, Asta and Gracie for more details and the rest of the story. We got into trouble......that's for sure.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Toeies Toosday

Now that it's winter even my toeies are getting floofy....

Tuffs of fur are sprouting in between the pads and sticking out. A bit untidy but what the heck!

Saturday 2 July 2011

Hard working kitty

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to have a SS (secretary-slave) at all. She hollers for me all the time – “Milk!”, “Look what I’ve got, Mini!”, "Lunch is ready, come and get it!”.......

Can’t she see I am having a well-earned rest under the sun which only stays for a few hours each day if it decides to make an appearance at all? Is it too much to bring the stuff to me?

OK, OK, I’ll come if the offering is ham AND cheese WITH milk. Tell you what, hard work being a kitty in this household. Hope you have your humans trained better.