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Sunday 23 September 2012

Cousin Charlotte

Cousin Charlotte came last night. She will be staying with us for the next 3 months while her mom is working interstate. She was very scared at first and stayed under the dining table chair where her mom was sitting for most the evening.  After her mom left, she kept to her 'suite' of rooms (the second bathroom, toilet and laundry) and whimpered sadly to her toy on her bed. She did not eat her dinner until late and kept very quiet all night. This morning she ventured out to explore the house and sat looking out of the French windows to the garden. SS later took her out on a leash for a little stroll on the porch. Amazing that she took to the leash straight away. She will be making appearances in my FB and blog during her stay with us. Please welcome the sweetie and purr that she will enjoy her stay with us.


Sunday 2 September 2012


It has been a difficult time.  Can't believe that MoMo has been gone for over 2 months.  Today is her birthday, well, adopted birthday, since being a stray when she joined the family we don't really know.  I have been crying on and off, missing her.  Just as well it is a Sunday and I don't have to work.

As some of you may know, MoMo is buried under the poinsettia tree at the back of the garden, near the fountain that she loved to sleep in during summer afternoons.  Since she died, my brother has transformed the dysfunctional fountain into a flowering one in MoMo's memory. 

Sure, one day I will have to leave all these behind as this is not my house.  However, MoMo will always be in my heart and be part of me and my life. 

Many thanks to all the lovely furriends and moms who have been so supportive during the difficult and sad time.  I really appreciate your kindness.  I apologise for not thanking you individually because I get very sad when I go to kitty blogs and cry heaps.  I am crying even now.