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Wednesday 13 June 2012

A Final Farewell

SS returned from Berlin this morning and was shocked to see how skinny and poorly I looked. I had eaten very little in the last day or so. She rushed me to the vet who gave me further injections of analgesics and rehydration. I perked up a bit but have not been able to eat or drink. SS syringed fed me tonight.

Tonight is our last night together. Being hungry and not able to swallow is no quality of life.

Tomorrow we will go to the vet together for the last time. I have hung in there until her return.

Thankyou all for being our furriends. We have enjoyed being part of the lovely, caring CB community and treasure the friends that we have made here. It's farewell from me but SS will continue to visit you. SS cannot bear to post my last pics but hopes you will all remember as I was. Until we meet again........


Thankyou, Miss Ann, from Zoolatry, for the beautiful memories. You have made lovely graphics for us ever since we first joined the CB. And now, you have made my last.

Goodbye, Socks, my love. Thank you for the wonderful times we had. One day we will be together again.