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Thursday 25 November 2010

Thursday in the garden

The jacaranda is flowering furiously providing great colours to our garden....

even to the extent of providing a spotted lilac carpet....

Other plants are also flourishing....

Let it not be said that I am not a working kitty. Here I am checking out the weeds....

After all the hard work, this kitty earns a well deserved rest in the sun......

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are very thankful to have you as our furriends.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Thursday in my spring garden

This spring we have our fair share of rain and thunderstorms. However, sunny days like today bring out the beauty of our native flowering trees and plants...

The yellow is the wattle, the lilac is the jacaranda, the red is the bottle-brush. We don't know what the pretty orange ones under the jacaranda tree are called, but they come and greet us every year.

In my younger days I used to play with the fallen flowers of the jacaranda and bottle brush. Now I am not so interested in the flowers, although I still climb the trees occasionally. The favourite activity of this granny cat is....

Basking in the sun, of course!

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Tough times

Things aren't going so well in my neck of the woods, or garden. There have been days of thunderstorms and my garden is periodically flooded.

SS has not been able to work because of painful shoulders, which the human vet says will take a long time to get better. Surgery may be needed if it doesn't improve. Since SS is a contract/casual worker, she doesn't have sick pay.

Gran had one fall after another, resulting in an icky back which prevents her from bending down to my level.

In times like this, a kitty would just have to look at the bright side. Between the storms there are patches of sunshine on the porch. There is still a roof over our heads. I spy boxes of cat food in the storeroom. SS is spending more time at home with me. Gran can still reach for treats and throw bits of cheese to me.

Dear furriends, please purr that things will get better for us soon.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Purrs for furriends

It is with a sad heart that I am posting today.

My furriends, Auntie Stinkie and Inigo, are both very ill. Please join me in purring for them and their families.

Sammy and Andy's family is also going through a difficult period. Please purr, visit and consider helping them, if you can.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Halloween aftermath

Well, you haven't heard the last of the Halloween party yet. With the gang around, there is never a tame end to any party. We had a pumpkin fight....

picture by Karl and Gracie

Today is also Beau's birthday. Please go and wish him a happy one.