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Saturday 30 January 2010


The sun appeared briefly this morning and I took the opportunity to smell the grass and enjoy the warm sun. I was in such a good mood that I even posed for this photo......

What do you think? Should I include it in my modeling portfolio?

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Can you see me?

Monday 25 January 2010

Something exciting has happened in my back garden overnight. We have this big pot with large leaves standing under my favourite Jacaranda tree for some years. In the last 2 weeks some buds having been growing out from the leaves, slowing turning into these by yesterday morning....

At about 9-10pm last night the buds, 15 in all, bloomed.......

however, by this morning, when I investigated, they have all closed up and wilted :(....

Those clever gardening cats Jonesie and Siena told us these are Night blooming cereus, a cactus plant with extraordinary large and beautiful white flowers that bloom only once and just for a few hours at night in late spring to mid summer. However, 15 is a bumper crop. In the past, only 1-2 buds would develop every year. Oh well, hope that's a good sign that we will be getting more of these beautiful blooms in years to come.

On the other paw, please welcome my new Squillion, Mini, who has arrived this morning. There has been some delay in the paper work and, like me, Mini enjoyed exploration and disappeared into the ethernet on her way from the shelter to us in Oz. All is well now that she is safely ensconced in my blog page side bar

Friday 22 January 2010

Floofy Friday

It's over 36 deg Celsius (over 95F). Despite recent defloofing...

This fluffy kitty is sweltering in the heat....

Help!!!! This is no weather for a Norwegian Forest Cat. I'm going under the house......

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Kitty Portrait

I have always wanted a classy painted portrait, like those hung in the ancestral halls of the rich and mighty, but SS has not been able to afford it. Now, the talented Ollie has offered her service to raise money for Fiona's vet bills and my new sissy, Gracie, has commissioned one for me.

Here it is.........

Isn't it just gorgeous? Please consider having yours done. It won't break the kitty bank since a few dollars would get you your own portrait. Please hurry as the offer is limited. Go to the CB page for details.

Tuesday 19 January 2010

An adventure with the Gang

The Gang, aka Karl, Ruis, Asta, Opus and Ollie, has not been very active lately. Now that the new member, Gracie, is of age and has just celebrated her first birthday, we decided an adventure is in order. Hence, a surprise birthday trip for the newbie to.....

Picture by Opus and Ollie
Seuss Landing at the Universal Studio, Orlando, Fl.

Here we are arriving in our Magic Flying Van
piloted by Opus

On arrival, we head for the Portofino Bay Hotel where we stay at Dr. Seuss Kid's Suite. We just can't wait to explore the park and enjoy the fun rides....

Photo by Karl

Being welcomed by the Cat in the Hat

The girls at the Fish Ride. Hang on tight!!
(l. to r.) Gracie, me, Ollie, Asta

The train ride
back (l. to r.) Opus, me, Asta
front (l. to r.) Ollie, Karl, Gracie, Ruis
Photos by Opus and Ollie

Note that we all have our themed hats from the Gracie's birthday party.

For more action, please visit Karl, Opus and Ollie, Gracie, Asta, Ruis as they all have their stories to tell and candid photos to show.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that Gracie and I are sisters! As you all know, Asta, Sassy and I have been sissies for a long time. Since Sassy and Gracie share the same mom and dad, that logically make Gracie and I sissies too! You can't have too many siblings and furriends, especially nice ones like mine.

Friday 15 January 2010

Party Time

My good furriend Gracie is turning one today. Please all go and help her celebrate. I believe she is having a whooping BIG party. Click on the invitation on my side bar or on her name, WHOOSH, you're there!!!

This is just one of the games......

Photo by Gracie

Plenty of fun, food and game. Let's kick the year off with a decent kitty partee. See you all there!!!!

Monday 11 January 2010

Kitties from Vietnam

Mieow! I am back!!! I do miss visiting my furriends. Now that SS is back from the wilds and more importantly, recovered enough from her operation to help me blog and visit, I have lots to say. That is, when I feel rested enough to emerge from my cool den, aka under the house, because it has been hot, hot and hot.

While SS needs to get some recent pics of me, I will let her show some of the kitties that she met in North Vietnam. Believe me, you would not want to be living there. It's not a kitty-loving place. Look at these poor kitties.....
This starving, thin kitty actually lived in a restaurant set up to train young people for the hospitality industry. You would think she would at least get food from the kitchen, if not the patrons. Needless to say SS shared her meal with the poor kitty. Note the collar is made of nylon string.

This one is better nourished but still underfed. He lived in a road side cafe. Yes, he also shared SS's lunch ....

This is the best-fed of all. His home is high in the mountains, where SS stopped for a lunch rest during her trek. He also shared SS's lunch and nosed around SS's back pack.

This is the most heart-breaking of all.....

A leopard-cat kitten caught by the locals in the wild. He was trapped, coped up in this cage and was fed left-over rice only. He hissed at anyone who came close. When SS showed his picture to the villagers they said that he would be sold as a delicacy. Doesn't it just break your heart?