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Tuesday 26 June 2007

Persian connection

I, Pashmalu ('The Furry One'), descend (indirectly) from the imperial cat of Darius the Great, King of kings, King of the Four Corners, Beloved of Ahura Mazda. Look, and you shall find me immortalized in the relief of Persepolis (I am not telling you where because it hasn't been found yet, but I'm sure it's there).

Well, what do you think? Pretty good rendition for a part Persian moggie stray! More anon in this grey rainy day when I stretch pensively on the Turkish rug. Now, where is the heater? Has SS locked it in her study or, worse still, taken it to the university?

Monday 25 June 2007

My corner

Had a lazy weekend and enjoyed breakfast with the family. Had lots of bacon strips which SS said were high in fats and cholesterol. Sure taste better than the 'senior' cat food that she insists on feeding me. I don't feel in anyway 'senior'. Admittedly, I don't climb trees as often but that's because since Sam has died and the German shepard has gone there are no more animals in the immediate neighboouring backyards that I can peep at.

Thursday 21 June 2007

Musings in winter

While it is un-ladylike to disclose your age it must be ageing that causes my winter coat to be not as long as it used to be. It is still thick and fluffy and I look 'fat' in it but it is just not as long and the underlying white is showing through. I really need my coat to be thick these days because I am feeling the cold and SS is spending longer time at uni rather than in her backyard study shed where I can snuggle in and curl up at the corner of the sofa bed. We used to have such cosy, long winter nights in that little shed while she worked and I perused and prostrated over her books and articles and walked all over her laptop keyboard. Ahhh, those were the nights......

Tuesday 19 June 2007


I overheard SS and her sister discussing my up-coming training schedule on the computer key board. They are going to attach small pads on my paws so that only the pads would come into contact with the keys and not my whole paw which would hit at least 2 keys at once. It may well work but I have a free slave/secretary in SS, so why should/would I want to be subjected to learning typing? They discussed other things too, but they were too impractical and would not win my vote. So, I withdrew into my inner self to contemplate on my ancestry and feline spirituality. More of that to come in the ensuing days.....

Monday 18 June 2007

Monday morning and I'm hungry

It's Monday again and SS is up early to go to uni. I like weekdays because I get fed early - my people sleep in on weekends and I don't get fed until 8am, by which time I would be soooo hungry and cranky that I let out loud and nasty Mieows to let them know.

SS brought back boxes of cat food and a new fan heater yesterday. Must be scholarship pay day! There is not a lot of junk food, I think she is cutting down. However, she still dashed out in the pouring rain to stock up when the ice cream van came by on Saturday. Ice cream in this weather is pretty insane, if you ask me (which no one ever does!).

Please everyone, keep watching this space in the coming days - I'm in a pensive mood and will be coming up with something grandiose. I'm sure all of you would be proud of me.

Saturday 16 June 2007


Another stormy night - thunder, windy and cold. I stayed indoors but disgraced myself on the carpet. I did ask to be let out but was ignored by the sleepy people. Shouldn't have had the roasted duck meat offered by SS's sister. Added to the cheese that SS gave to me at dinner time it was just too much. My people was quite nice about it and I didn't get chastized. As the backyard has turned into a swamp, I took a walk on top of the fence to survey the neighbouring properties. They looked pretty much like ours.

Friday 15 June 2007

More rain and no visitors

Nothing new. No visitors, even Blackie from a few doors down has stopped visiting because of the wet weather. He is old and not as agile as he used to be. Our backyard has been flooded periodically and I don't like walking on it myself, so I can understand why he doesn't come. Stayed indoors last night because of the storm. SS came home in the storm last night, all wet and miserable. Good thing she retrieved her Pooh bear cover the night before, otherwise I might have to do it to save it from getting wet, what fun it would be and what perfect excuse!

Tuesday 12 June 2007


At last the sun comes out. It is lovely to be able to stretch out on the garden couch to catch the morning sun. SS has washed her Pooh bear hand brake cover which is drying on the line. Looks excessively silly hanging there but I'm sure it would look better in the car since it co-ordinates so well in colour. Haven't ridden in the new car yet but I'm not fond of travelling. Every time I got bundled into the car I was bound for the vet. So, no thanks!

Monday 11 June 2007

wet weekend

Wet weekend

A wet and windy weekend and I have been indoors. Pretty boring inside except for the carpets. I missed the sun and the warmth. The family went out last night for dinner in SS's new yellow car. I like it when they return from evening outing as the car is warm and I can stay under. Of course, there is always hope for yummy morsels that SS sometimes brings back for me.

Friday 8 June 2007

Friday am
Totally miserable day - cold, windy and wet. Had breakfast at 6 am and promptly returned to sleep. May consider grooming myself later. What the heck! Not likely to have visitors today anyway.