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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Persian connection

I, Pashmalu ('The Furry One'), descend (indirectly) from the imperial cat of Darius the Great, King of kings, King of the Four Corners, Beloved of Ahura Mazda. Look, and you shall find me immortalized in the relief of Persepolis (I am not telling you where because it hasn't been found yet, but I'm sure it's there).

Well, what do you think? Pretty good rendition for a part Persian moggie stray! More anon in this grey rainy day when I stretch pensively on the Turkish rug. Now, where is the heater? Has SS locked it in her study or, worse still, taken it to the university?

1 comment:

Islay said...

Dear Momo,
You have a great ancestry, and the pictures are impressive! You have inspired me to muse on my own humble background and history, especially during such cold, rainy weather. But the blog will have to wait until tomorrow, for my warm bed is calling my old puppy bones.