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Monday 30 May 2011

I am being honoured!!!

Some time ago I won the book "The Natural Cat" in a contest hosted by Liz.

It contains a wealth of natural care for kitties and we have since been followers of her blog.

Today I, Momo, am delighted to be the subject of her "Soul Cat" selection. Please visit here to see me. While you are there, have a browse of this interesting website.

My work is done for the day. I am going back to snooze mode on this wintry, rainy Monday. Yes, my yard is flooded, once again.

Saturday 28 May 2011

I have been naughty

Look at this innocent face here and you would not have guessed how naughty I have been and gave SS a such a scare.....

The story goes, SS has been very busy because things have not been going too well here with home and work (the reason why we haven't been blogging and visiting much lately). Last night, she came home late and as she was turning into the driveway she saw a grey and white furry promenading along the street two doors from our house. She screeched to a stop, got out of the car at a speed she did not think possible and raced after the furry creature which happened to be yours truly, me. Well, I could have told her that there was no hurry as I wasn't really going anywhere. If I were, do you think that slow coach of a SS would be able to catch me?

She doesn't know how I managed to get out of the house and I am not about to tell. Gran might have inadvertantly let the back door opened a wee bit for a short time in the evening when a neighbour called to see how she was. She doesn't remember.

Anyway, I'd better put on a remorseful face to say that I was sorry, otherwise I would have to endure a whole weekend of lectures...

Really though, you know in your heart that I had fun being out and am not sorry at all ;)

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Happy birthday to ML!!!

My SS is out of town but I teleported and sat on the face until she agreed to do this post for me.

How can we possibly miss the birthday of ML, the hu-mom of KC, Missy and the Sherwood bunch?

So here goes...