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Wednesday 29 April 2009

Back on deck

What's this??? Looks like someone I know coming through the gate. It's SS!!!!! Happy Mieows!!!

Now, that was nearly a week ago. Our home internet was not functioning and the library computer would not allow us to blog. However, we managed to visit some of our furriends in the mean time. Most of the time though I have been following SS around, helping her to unpack and clear her room. Here are some stuff that she brought back...

A bottle of ginger wine for Gran

An ethnic doll from Yunnan, please note the baby she is carrying.

There are a lot of different minority tribes in Yunnan where SS has been engaged in field work. Even today, many of them still dress in very colourful ethnic costumes, especially on festive days. The older ladies and those in the countryside, in particular, have retained their dresses and have not embraced western dressing. Here are some of them ...

A pretty young lady resting outside the city gate of Dali, where there was a major festival at the time of SS's visit. You may have noticed the familiar silver headdress - I was wearing one in one of my earlier posts.

In the streets of the old city of Dali

Ladies chatting at the corner of the street after the fair.

Older ladies SS met while walking in the hills.

This is SS's favourite - a sweet young girl she met in the rice terrace in the south. At 11, she is rather small for her age. Here she was helping to collect herbs for the family after school.

I will post some more pictures of the beautiful places, people and cats when SS gets her act together.