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Saturday 30 April 2011

Weekend of Remembrance

A number of our furriends have sadly left for the Bridge in the last few months. We remember them and those who have gone before. They have left their paw marks in our hearts and made our lives richer by sharing theirs with us.

Please join us at Floof and Fur on Sunday May 1 for a party to celebrate the furry angels of the CB.

Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Easter to all

We don't celebrate Easter but we wish all our furriends and their families a happy one.

Here are some of the cute cards we received from my furriends and sissies....

Maggie and Zoey - the Zoolatry girls

Gracie, my little sissy

Jan's Funny Farmers

Karl and his cool gang

My boyfriend, Socks, his sisters and Fenris

My fashionista sissy from the Big Apple, Asta

Thursday 21 April 2011

Thursday in the garden

Things aren't going too well here at my place. Hence my time at the computer is severely restricted with minimal visiting and blogging. I miss all my furriends and hope they are all well.

While snow has come early to the villages in the mountains,

my garden is still green and blooming.....

Thursday 7 April 2011

Quietly in the garden

Things are little hectic here for my SS as she embarks on retraining for a different type of work, the type that will hopefully bring in green papers. This necessarily cut down my blogging and visiting time and I miss my furriends.

We hope to resume those enjoyable activities in the near future but in the mean time I am left quietly contemplating in my autumn garden.

Please keep us in your thoughts and purrs as we work towards a more secure future.