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Thursday 27 January 2011

Purrs needed

Things are not going so well. I have had very little to eat or drink for the last 2-3 days. Last night I was even refusing treats. Only 2 weeks ago I was at the vet's for my annual checkup and all was relatively OK, given that I have compromised kidney function.

I have been hiding, which is a bad sign that I am unwell.

True, it has been hot and I don't normally eat much in the heat but I have never refused cool milk and Temptations in the past.

SS is trying to get an appointment for me to be seen this afternoon/evening.

Please purr that it's only the heat and nothing too serious!!!!

Update: The vet doesn't know what's wrong with me. There is a tooth that may need attention but that's not what causes the problem of eating/drinking. I am home now but may have to return with samples of urine and stool. The weather has cooled down but I am no better.

Thankyou all for the wonderful purrs. I am very thankful to have so many caring furriends.

Update Sunday 30 Jan pm
I am no better and back into hiding. It's coming up to almost a week now and I have had a total of less than 2 spoonfuls of wet food and just a few sips of water. There are only fur and bones left. We are going to a new vet first thing tomorrow morning for a second opinion. There must be a diagnosis and some treatment. My SS is very upset.

We are very touched by all the well wishes, purrs and woofs that have come our way and we will be visiting all of you later to thank you purrsonally.

Monday 24 January 2011

Shelter Aware Day

As an ex-street kitty, I am 200% behind shelters, especially the kind souls at no-kill shelters. Kudos to all the volunteers in these shelters. Without all the wonderful work that they are doing, many more kitties would suffer and be homeless.

Every little contribution helps. SS and her friends have decided to donate to the shelters and charities instead of buying each other birthday and Christmas presents.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Sunny Sunday

It's summer in our part of the world so it can get rather hot. No, I am not complaining one bit, especially when I have all these options:

Enjoying the morning and late afternoon sun while lounging on the lawn.....

Where I can nom on grass whenever it takes my fancy.....

Move to the shade when it gets a little too warm....

When it gets hot in the mid afternoon, I retreat to the cool and seclusion of the alley between the shed and the fence to have my nap and meditate on life....

Should I fancy some cold milk and cheese, I only need to mieow a few times at the back door. Ah, I do so enjoy my quiet life here and shudder to think of my time as a street kitty many years ago. I purr that more strays would be adopted, like me, and have a secure, loving home.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Thursday in the Garden

Ever since SS has trouble with her shoulders nothing much gets done in the garden and there are weeds everywhere. Luckily, the grass still get mowed, otherwise we would be living in a jungle with all the recent rain. So, if you direct your gaze away from the flower beds the garden still looks reasonable, with the hibiscus and other native flowers blooming, alongside some of the colourful border plants that SS had put in earlier.....

Sniff, sniff - the newly cut lawn smells nice.

These just appeared this summer. We don't know the name.

These were given to us earlier as small cuttings by our very kind neighbour and they have turned out to be very pretty border plants.

Please purr for my SS's shoulders to get better soonest, otherwise she is not going to get a job! This situation may well impact negatively on the frequency of me getting ham and treats although there are still a couple of months of cat food stored in the garage.

We just heard that our good furriend Annie is in hospital. She hasn't been well lately. Please purr for her and her very worried mom.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

After the Party

Yes, After the Party, famous last words!

Often with this gang, after the Party is more outrageous than the Party itself. The Mad Catter Tea Party in honour of Gracie's 2nd birthday was boisterous but was enough under control for us not to be thrown out of the Wonderland. So, after the Party Karl suggested we had a wander around and tried some of the colourful magic mushrooms....

Picture by Karl

For the rest of the story please visit Karl and Gracie, because I seemed to have lost my head with its Cheshire grin somewhere among the mushrooms.

This is the end picture....

picture by Gracie

Not quite what you would expect from a sedate Tea Party.
Thanks for joining us at the celebration. Hope you all enjoyed it.
We certainly did.

Saturday 15 January 2011

A Party! A PARTY!!!!

Hey, my sissy Gracie is turning two and she is hosting a Mad Catter Party at her place.

Of course, the gang is there super early. Here we are, waiting impatiently at the gate of the magic garden where the party is to take place - Asta even has the invitation just to be sure we have the right place.....

Photo by Gracie
l. to r. Me, Opus, Gracie, Ollie, Karl, Ruis, Asta

Please all head to Gracie's and have a good time!

Happy Birthday, Gracie!!!

As many of our furriends are aware, several regions of Australia are under water. Many have lost their lives and homes. We ask for purrs and prayers for lost human and animal lives and for those who are left to rebuild their homes.

On a lighter side, this was a strange sight that greeted a family who returned to their house after the water had subsided....

A cow has sought refuge on their roof. The house was underwater and the roof was probably the only dry area, so the cow probably just climbed up. It didn't look scared or freaked out, it looked very relaxed: 'Oh yeah, I'm dealing with my situation no problems'. It was even waving its tail from side to side and munching on the leaves on a nearby tree. The owner of the cow is a mystery.

Foxes are known for their wits. Here is one who certainly knew how to save himself...

Thursday 13 January 2011

Knots, knots, go away!

Oh, woe!!!!!!

After dinner last night I was comfortably settling down on the chair when out came the towel. The towel and the carrier are my nemesis. I am always terrified when these come out. They really should be locked in the garage and forgotton.

I was bundled up and held. Worse to come - the dreaded scissors!!!!

The ordeal took forever, I put up a fight as usual and cried as if I was being murdered.

I WAS (nearly)!!!

There was BLOOD. Lucky to report that it wasn't mine. Stupid SS cut herself. Her blood stained my fur.

Needless to say I went into hiding for the rest of the evening, but not before I had my compensatory treats. SS also needed a treat after the stressful task. No, she did not like Temptations, she preferred liquer chocolates. Goodness knows how many she had, she was still at it when I went into hiding.

Knots, knots, go away!
Don't ever come back,
No, not any day!

Saturday 8 January 2011

Weekend Mewsings

As you may know, I am SS's first kitty and I was a grown cat when I adopted the family many years ago. She only ever had doggies before. Since we started blogging we read about toys and treats that our furriends had. So poor SS didn't want to make me felt left out, she went and bought some toys and treats for me.

Back then we didn't have Temptations on the shelves of the local supermarket and I didn't really like the treats that were available. I mentioned this on Chatzy and the Hotties' mom sent us a couple of packets - I simply became addicted. Just LOVE the stuff. Every time we had visitors from the US (aka SS's brother and niece), we ask them to bring some, until one time they were confiscated by the nasty Customs Officers. Now, we have some varities of Temptations on sale, but not to the extent you lucky kitties have. Well, I practice Zen, and therefore am quite content with what I have.

That brings us to toys. SS bought some feather toys, a mousie, a rubber ball and dangling ribbons with bells. I was totally uninterested. Nope, didn't touch them! She tried to interest me in others, including some that we won and others that our furriends sent as presents. Nope, no play! The extent of my play was bunny-kicking slippers and shoes that I found around the house.

SS doesn't know why because it seems that adult cats also play with toys. I was a stray but not obviously feral. Maybe I was never given any toys to play with as a kitten. Or maybe I was too busy trying to survive on the street to learn how to play with toys.

Any suggestions?

Thursday 6 January 2011

Thursday in the garden

There is not a lot going on in my garden with SS's shoulders still causing her pain. This also accounts for us not blogging and visiting much lately. The human vet says that it will be months before they would heal. Meanwhile, she is jobless.

Nonetheless, the sunny is shining and the weather is perfect, so this kitty is not going to let it go to waste. I inspect the grounds between the plants and the pots....just look at the weeds!!!!!! Yikes, SS, we'll be living in wasteland soon if you don't get working.

And check out the dysfunctional fountain which hasn't been working for years but is perfectly good as a sanctuary for me....

Life is good. Better, if SS could get a job. Best, if I can have unlimited tuna, cheese and treats.

Monday 3 January 2011

Happy Birthday to Mom Judi

It is fitting that the first post of 2011 is dedicated to the beautiful mom of good furriends on a joyous occasion......

To Mom Judi of

Sammy and Andy

Please all go and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!
And we wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May all your endeavours be successful and your wishes come true.

Yay, unlimited tuna!!!!!