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Friday 14 June 2013

MoMo's Bridge Anniversary

It is hard to believe that MoMo has been gone for one year.  Her presence is still felt around the garden and house, especially places where she loved to curl up and purr.  At times, I would call out her name when I came home and expected her to come around the corner, emerge from under the desk or peer down from the roof.

Since you have been gone, many of your furriends have followed you to the Bridge, the most recent being the beautiful Penelope.  I hope you are all having fun at the Bridge, until one day when we will all meet again.

This is the memorial fountain just in front of your resting place under the flowering poinsettia.

You used to lie in there, sunning yourself under blue skies, watching the butterflies fluttering and the birdies chirping away on the Jacaranda tree.  The Christmas cacti and poinsettia are flowering as they were when you left us this time last year.

                                                              Your first winter with us

                                                                Sunning your floofy belly

                                                                  Climbing the Jacaranda

                                              Keeping me company while I worked on my thesis

Missing you so much, my sweet little one......