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Sunday 26 February 2012

Easy like Sunday - NOT

Mieow, efurryone! I am Back!!! Yay!!! It feels so good to be back blogging and seeing my furriends.

SS has been very busy and working away from home lately, so I have been stuck with no help to blog or visit.

We have had a mild summer and today being Sunday I was looking forward to some sun and relaxing in the yard. But NO. Not only has it been cloudy but I was in for a very, very rude shock.

After lunch, I was quietly minding my own business and chilling out in the yard when my cousin came. Well, that was no big deal because she often comes to see Gran and SS on Sunday. Then, she and SS ganged up on me, held me down with a towel and started de-floofing me. POOR ME, I tell you!!! I growled, hissed and shouted to no avail. TONS of matted fur got chopped off!!!! Cat hair for sale, anyone?

Fifteen minutes later I was released and I escaped to hide under the bed. I sulked for about 10 mins and made peace when ham and milk were offered. Mind you, I am still miffed about the bad treatment I have had to endure....

SS said either that or a lion cut. What's that?