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Thursday 30 December 2010

My cousin Charlotte

Some of you may remember my cousin Charlotte, who used to blog, but no longer. My SS has been looking after her over Christmas while her mom went exploring Vietnam and Cambodia.

She loves her food .....

And looking out to the street through the front screen door. See that yellow car out front? That belongs to my SS.

She is also a very clean kitty. Isn't she a pretty girl?

As it is coming to the end of 2010, we wish all our furriends and their families all the best in the coming year.

Tuesday 28 December 2010

Christmas aftermath

Well, guess what we saw when we got back to the North Pole with Santa.
The elves and the bears were having a rollicking party when Santa was gone......

What could we do but join in.....

All pictures by Karl
:hic: Hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours.

Saturday 25 December 2010

Please welcome the Santa Helpers - US

Hey kitties, just in case you thought you have heard the last of me before Christmas, here I am again. In a role that you would love - Santa Helper.

The gang has been engaged by Santa to help deliver presents to all the good boys, girls and furries. So here we all are, loaded up with presents and ready to set off in Santa's sleigh to visit YOU.....

clockwise from front - Gracie, Opus, Karl, Ruis, Asta, Ollie and me

To be even more efficient we have decided to use motor bikes once we are on the ground.....

Riding with Santa - Karl, Ruis, Ollie and me
On the other bike - Opus, Gracie and Asta

With our help Santa finishes his work with lots of time to spare. So we decide to head for the beach for a dip. After all, it is summer in Ozland where I live.

On the beach, from left to right: Ollie building a magnificient sandcastle, Ruis enjoying a cool drink, Karl guarding our gear
In the water, fashionista Asta in her bikini, me in snorkelling gear, Opus on the surfboard, Gracie on the floating bed.

Refreshed from our swim, we board Santa Express Jet back to the North Pole to have our party....

Please teleport and join us there. Do visit my fellow Santa Helpers to see what they are up to. Clicking on their names under the first picture will take you directly to their web pages.

All photos courtesy of Gracie, who has worked very hard to secure our job with Santa. What with the economy being the way it is, jobs are hard to get, especially super ones like this. Thanks +++++ to Gracie for the adventure.

This is my 400th post and a very exuberant one at that.

Happy Christmas, efurryone!!!! Hope you are having as much fun as we are.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Happy Christmas to all

That time of the year is approaching and we wish all our furriends and their families the best of Christmases and an even better New Year.

Graphic by Sammy and Andy's Mom Judi......

We thankyou all for the beautiful cards that you have sent us......

And for your furriendship over the last three and a half years that we have been blogging. It's coming up to our 400th post and we look forward to more!!!!

BTW, you may think it's summer here but it's been snowing in the alpine regions. They may even have a White Christmas...

Friday 17 December 2010

Floofy Friday

Look at the winter me ...

and the summer me....

The floof has to go somewhere - the comb, the furniture, the carpet and the floor. And of course there are the hairballs that I yak up all over the place.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Anyone for bunny kicking?

Sunday 12 December 2010

Babbles and musings

I was a little bored this sunny Sunday afternoon after all the visitors have left and decided to have a look at the old posts from three and a half years ago when I first started blogging. Of course, I was talking to myself most of the time then since I had no visitors, except Charlie the dog, who had since gone to the Bridge.

I mused on a lot of things then, such as my ancestry, the life of graduate students and their pets, the plight of lonely street kitties, the illustrious past of us kitties, the important role played by cats in art and literature etc. I didn't know of the cat blogosphere then and imagined myself to be the only abnormal feline babbling away in a vacuum.

Those were the days...

While I am reminiscing, here is one of the first photos that SS took of me, long before my blogging days and before the digital camera became part of my life...

Saturday 4 December 2010

Snoozy Saturday

What better than snoozing on the warm green lawn amongst spring flowers?

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Wet Wednesday

What's a kitty to do when it's pouring rain outside? Yes, my SS's study floor is a mess.