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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Three down, six to go

First of all, a big, big THANKYOU to all the kitties who visited and purred for me when I had my very scary accident. We are very moved by your concern and kindness. The CB is the bestest, most supportive network around.

I have been a very lucky kitty. If cats have nine lives, I would most certainly have used up three:-

Life No. 1. I was a stray before I was taken into SS's home many years ago. At the time I was wandering around in a neighbourhood that was very close to a 6-lane highway where metal monsters roared day and night and where many kitties have met their ends.

Life No. 2. As some of you may remember, I became very ill some time ago when I was poisoned by insecticides. I narrowly escaped death but was left with kidney/liver damage.

Life No. 3. The recent double-whammy accident was, again, a very scary one and I could have died.

I am much better now and am moving around the house a bit as well as eating. However, I am not allowed to go out to the garden yet. Frankly, I am not missing it because it has been cold and frosty out there and SS's bed is much more to my liking.

Thankyou all, again. I just hope all kitties are as lucky as I am.

Sunday 27 June 2010

An accident

There was an accident this morning which scared SS +++++++++.

I was stretching out on the back door mat, catching the morning sun when Gran accidentally stepped on my belly and spilled hot tea over my head. She didn't see me because there was a step just above.

I vomited straight away and looked quite sickly. SS heard Gran screaming and came running from the front yard. As it was very early Sunday morning, my vet was unavailable. I was examined and placed under observation at the emergency dept. I have just been released home after I managed to drink and held down some milk and wet food.

Signing off from SS's bedroom,


A big, big 'thankyou' to all my furriends who have visited and left their purrs for me, SS and gran. We feel blessed to have such caring furriends and belong to such a supportive community as the CB.

I returned to the hospital to be checked again because SS was concerned that I haven't been eating or moving around much, even though I haven't vomited since and my belly remained quite soft. The vet felt that it was probably just bruising and there was no evidence of internal organ damage. The burns was minimal, thanks to my thick floofy coat.

I am still resting at home and drinking kitty milk. SS will continue to tempt me with soft wet food.

Friday 25 June 2010

Floofy Friday

What a difference a few weeks made! This is me now....

And this was me 6 weeks ago.....

The floof department has been working overtime. That's why I am eating so much, SS. Keep the food and treats coming - fuel to keep the floof going and me warm.

Saturday 19 June 2010

Frolicking in the garden

The last few days have been 'warm' and sunny. So this granny cat decides to stretch her legs and get in some exercises.

See, SS, I am not a couch potato after all. Bet you can't climb trees and do stretching exercises on a fence when you are 60! Come to think of it, you can't do it now.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday 10 June 2010

Does any cat sleep like this?

This is a rather strange sleeping position that I adopt sometimes. I kinda bury my face between my half-bent front legs with my tail tucked under me and stay in that position for quite a long time. It has nothing to do with bright lights as SS always dims the lights in her bedroom. Does any cat have a perference for this position?

Thursday 3 June 2010

Thursday in the wet Garden

Every morning I would check the yard out from the security of the porch....

When it looks like this....

This kitty would return to the coziness of her tent and curl up ....

until the delivery of morning milk at the door.....

Oh yes, Thursday in the garden. Not much worth mentioning except that the cacti are doing well..

Shortly after this, the sky opened up and my backyard now resembles the local swimming pool. Perhaps SS can get me super small boots like these.....

so that I can get around the yard without getting my paws wet.