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Wednesday 25 March 2009

Wordy Wednesday Challenge

The Zoolatry kitties and mom have kindly made me this pretty graphic.....

We LOVE it. Thanks!!!!!
SS is still on the road. Looking forward to snuggling with her when she gets home in Late April.

Thursday 5 March 2009

Answer to the Guessing Game

Many of the kitties have been very close in their guesses. The closest answer is from the furries at Alasandra's.

OK, my SS is going to Yunnan in southwestern China where recent findings of a submerged wall in Fuxian Lake opened up further possibilities of investigation into the Dian culture which flourished over 2000 - 2500 years ago.

This culture left some fabulous relics in its burials, the most famous being highly decorated drum shaped cowrie containers.

However, no written record of this culture exists except from what is known from Chinese historians nor are there any architectural remains.

My SS will be away for a month from mid March. I will be staying with gran to keep her company. The costume that I was wearing is that of one of the minority tribes now living in that region of China.

Wednesday 4 March 2009

Guessing game

Looks like I am going to be abandoned again soon. On top of all the upheavals that have happened in our lives lately, my SS is embarking on another field trip to an exotic land. I have dressed up in the traditional costume of one of the minority tribes there. Can any kitty guess where she is off to? Please hurry up, all this silver is weighing me down!

Oh my, look at the date - it's my SS's birthday!!! We have clean forgotten about it until now. She is, of course, too ancient for words or numbers.