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Monday 30 July 2007


SS collects owls. There are lots of them made of various materials around the house. No, no real living ones although I am sure she would like a snowy owl like HP's Hedwig. What a pity she got killed by Stan! I kind of like Hedwig too. Incidentally, SS does have a stuffed snowy owl puppet that she bought in Alaska some years ago. She took it out and showed me for the upteenth time last night. She is going to take it to uni to compare with the small one given out by Borders with the latest HP book. You just wonder what these PhD students are up to. Aren't they supposed to be writing their theses instead of having numerous cups of coffee and comparing stuffed toys?

Sunday 29 July 2007

Kuching - the Cat City

SS and I were surfing the net and found out that Kuching had a Cat Museum, so make sure you visit it next time you are there! When I say "SS and I were surfing the net", you can be sure it was mainly SS who was doing it because I'd get bored in seconds.

Friday 27 July 2007

Locked in, again!

SS has been so very careless these days. I have been locked in the study shed and the house in 2 out of the last 3 nights. I have been under the impression that pneumonia only affects the lungs, not the brain, but obviously the infection has wider ranging effects than anticipated. Actually, I don't mind so much, since it's cold at night outside and I haven't disgraced myself at all on these 2 occasions.

Thursday 26 July 2007

Psychic kitty

It has been reported that Oscar, a cat brought up in a nursing home in Chicago, would curl up at the beds of patients about to die. Good thing I wasn't allowed in SS's room when she had pneumonia!

Friday 20 July 2007

Cold days

Cold days and I am so glad my coat is thick. SS is well enough to go back to uni but working shorter days. That also means earlier breakfasts and dinner for me, but no treats during the day. I look forward to the weekends when she sits with me out in the backyard - more treats. Not so good when it rains though. I don't like being indoors for long and SS gets impatient having to let me in and out all the time. Why doesn't she work in the study shed anymore? There I can curl up in front of her fan heater or on the couch. Have to have a chat with SS about that!

Monday 16 July 2007


Well, what did I say! Always trust a cat, especially one as wise as I. SS came home looking worse. The PGARCers were too polite to throw her out; she was just too sick to carry on. It turned out that she had pneumonia and had to stay home for another week. Late breakfasts but more treats as SS recovered enough to get out of bed and sat in the sun with me. She mentioned that my friend Charlie gave me some liver treats but she left the bag at uni. I look forward to it as I have never had any special feline treats. Hope it tastes as nice as the human ones which, unfortunately, SS is not buying anymore because she says they are not good for one's health or budget. Good thing that milk, cheese and bacon are still on the list.

Friday 6 July 2007

My maid is recovering

SS has been sick as a dog (excuse the pun) in the last week and therefore has no time to type my blog. I wasn't allowed in to visit her because carpeted area of the house is officially out of bounds. However, that never really stops me from going anywhere I like. No fun having her sick as I got my breakfasts late most days and no one to scratch my chin and rub my belly in the evenings. She is back at uni today, still looking rather grey. Bet you she can't make it through the day. She was coughing badly on her way out the door. The PGARCers should throw her out if they have any sense. There is also some noise about drinks at the Marly - ha! The doctor did say she was to rest at home for the remainder of the week, not drink at the pub.