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Friday 6 July 2007

My maid is recovering

SS has been sick as a dog (excuse the pun) in the last week and therefore has no time to type my blog. I wasn't allowed in to visit her because carpeted area of the house is officially out of bounds. However, that never really stops me from going anywhere I like. No fun having her sick as I got my breakfasts late most days and no one to scratch my chin and rub my belly in the evenings. She is back at uni today, still looking rather grey. Bet you she can't make it through the day. She was coughing badly on her way out the door. The PGARCers should throw her out if they have any sense. There is also some noise about drinks at the Marly - ha! The doctor did say she was to rest at home for the remainder of the week, not drink at the pub.

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