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Friday 20 July 2007

Cold days

Cold days and I am so glad my coat is thick. SS is well enough to go back to uni but working shorter days. That also means earlier breakfasts and dinner for me, but no treats during the day. I look forward to the weekends when she sits with me out in the backyard - more treats. Not so good when it rains though. I don't like being indoors for long and SS gets impatient having to let me in and out all the time. Why doesn't she work in the study shed anymore? There I can curl up in front of her fan heater or on the couch. Have to have a chat with SS about that!


Islay said...

Hi Momo. Winter can be pretty boring for an animal; I almost think we should be hibernating. My favourite would be to hibernate all winter next to my owner on her bed. She always said I was the only one who was really good to share the bed with! On a different note, I have found that frozen peas, although nice-smelling and crunchy, do not agre with me; I disgraced myself on the kitchen floor when dinner was being made last weekend. I was so ashamed, and so hungry!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I agree. It can be pretty cold at night. Never slept in SS's bed so I don't know what she is like as a bedfellow. She has too much stuff on her bed - books, articles, letters, sationery, laptop, clothes etc. Altogether too messy for a fastidious cat. You have to be careful not to arouse Paul's jealousy by comments like this!