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Monday 30 July 2007


SS collects owls. There are lots of them made of various materials around the house. No, no real living ones although I am sure she would like a snowy owl like HP's Hedwig. What a pity she got killed by Stan! I kind of like Hedwig too. Incidentally, SS does have a stuffed snowy owl puppet that she bought in Alaska some years ago. She took it out and showed me for the upteenth time last night. She is going to take it to uni to compare with the small one given out by Borders with the latest HP book. You just wonder what these PhD students are up to. Aren't they supposed to be writing their theses instead of having numerous cups of coffee and comparing stuffed toys?


Islay said...

Hi Momo,
I have never seen an owl, though you might have noticed that I have many lorikeets frequenting my place. There is one in particular whose tweet I can always reccognise - he's my friend. My owners can't tell the difference between him and the other hundred lorikeets, but I always know when he's around and I answer his calls with short barks until my owner gives him a little of her special lorikeet treat mix.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Your owner is great with getting treats for various animals and birds. Of course we animals recognise our winged friends. There are a couple of birds who come to my backyard everyday and I allow them to eat my leftovers. My friend, Marzipan, used to have an owl frequenting his backyard but a few weeks ago the owl died. His owner was quite upset as she was rather fond of the owl since he has been visiting since he was an owlet.