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Sunday 28 June 2009

Easy like Sunny Sunday

It's been cold and grey but today the sun comes out and all is well. My tummy needs toasting so I can't wait till Tuesday to show it off. I look a bit dishevelled but what the heck - I love the warm sun on my messy fur and intend to make the most of it before it goes into hiding again. SS can brush me later.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Betrayal in the Mountains

It is inconceivable that my SS would abandon a warm, floofy, sweet kitty like me.......

To walk in near freezing condition in the Blue Mountains....

Granted that there are beautiful waterfalls...
And lovely wild flowers...

To add insult to injury, she was cuddling up to this gorgeous tuxi called Mimi.....

Who lives in an idyllic mountain home with her parents....
They even have their own little forrest....

At least I was spoilt rotten by my gran during the weekend.

Friday 19 June 2009

International Box Day

I LOVE boxes and will try to squeeze into ones that are obviously too small for me!!!

Then, of course, this is my absolute favourite box - my sleeping box lined by a hand-knitted woollen blanket by Gran and an old cashmere sweater of SS.......

Friday 12 June 2009

Post for winter

While our winter can look pretty much like this - misty, wet and grey ....

There are nonetheless some compensations: pretty flowers still blooming in the gloom ...

Colourful birdies still visiting.....

But hey, I've got myself some floof to keep me warm....

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Tummy Tuesday

Just a short post to show off my ever increasing floof on this cold, windy day. Please feel free to rub - I just LOVE having my tum-tum rubbed!

Thankyou all for coming and helping me celebrate my graduation on Friday.

Friday 5 June 2009

Graduation Party

Graduation Day
Today is a big day for my SS and me. It’s her graduation day! I have been her study pal ever since I adopted her many years ago. We have corseted together in the little study room in the back garden for long hours working on assignments and producing the thesis. I have curled up on her lap to keep her warm on cold nights. I have sat on her books and papers to remind her of their importance. I have walked across the keyboard of her computer to ‘help’ with the typing. I have provided unwavering support in times of uncertainty and means of relaxation in times of stress. Therefore, I feel that I should have an active role on this day and claim equal honour.

Like SS, I have invited my sissies and furriends to the graduation held in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney and the traditional afternoon tea party on the lawn of the Main Quad. The kitties at Zoolatry and Topcatrules have made these beautiful graphics of me as presents….

photo bt Zoolatry

photos by topcatrules
Here I am, sitting at the park in front of the Clock Tower gate of the university waiting for my furriends to arrive from their faraway homes…

As with all graduations, individual portrait and photographs with furriends and family are mandatory.

This is a photo taken by Sassy of me as I make the speech at the ceremony….

My special furriends and I are gathered at the entrance of the Great Hall, where all graduation ceremonies of the university are held…

A group photo with my siblings-in-floof who have come all the way from the USA (Fin and Miss Kitty in the back row), Germany (Siena, front right) and Norway (Theodor, front middle)…..

Here I am, at the base of the stairs which lead to the room of my SS’s professor to whom she has gone to pay her respects…..

Another photo with some of my furriends at the cloister, where we gather for the traditional afternoon tea after the ceremony.….

Front l. to r. Socks, moi, Karl and Ruis
Group of three at left: Trixie, Pyewacket and Tigger, centre: Sassy,

sitting on the rafters: left - Charybdis, right - Ollie,

Sitting on the leadge: Opus, At the back: Asta

Asta has taken more photos of me....

Pastries, cakes, sandwiches and refreshments are served….


Please help yourself, efurryone! Thankyou so much for coming and helping me celebrate!!! From now on, I would like to be addressed as Dr Momo on formal occasions.

Thursday 4 June 2009

Mission accomplished

Armed with inside information from 'furriends' and knowledge of the local area, we have little difficulty in locating Karl and Ruis. Although we have actually been spying on them for a while, we wait to make a grand entrance as they sip on their niptinis....

As we are already there, we may as well enjoy ourselves and parteeeee....

I bet that they are secretly pleased that we found them. Two's company and three a crowd. There are definitely more than three of us.

For more pictures, please head to the resort at Bora Bora, where we are staying and join the party. All pictures are by Karl and Ruis.

Lastly, today is Hug Your Cat Day. Let's run before we are smoothered!!!

Monday 1 June 2009

On a mission

Now that the CCSI show has been aired, the executives are all taking a well earned rest. What's this? Pssst, it's Karl's and Ruis's 1st wedding anniversary and we hear from some kitty that they are going away to an undisclosed destination for a romantic holiday. What? Without us????

This calls for immediate action. Now, Sassy has given them a South Pacific island for their use and they have been looking at swim wear earlier. OK, kitties, we head for the South Pacific. It's a big expense of ocean and numerous idyllic islands but being a southern kitty with a Grandma who has been on several cruises, I know the area well.

l. to right - Captain Momo, Asta, Opus, Sassy, Ollie

Umm, this looks pretty good to me. Follow this up at Karl's and Ruis's blog.