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Sunday 30 May 2010

Two announcements

Da, da.....

I am an official member of the Kool Seniors Kitty Klub inaugurated by Sammy and Andy. Well, OK, my age is a secret, since I came as a stray but having been a house kitty since 1998, I would surely qualify for the Klub.

Being a senior kitty, it is my right to demand shelter from the elements. Here is my new pink Barbie tent for winter....

where I can retreat when it is cold, wet and windy, or when there are visitors.

Friday 28 May 2010

Floofy Friday

Do not imagine that this is the norm of our winter day. This is, in fact, the only day I have been able to sun my belly in the last 2 weeks or more. Umm, heaven!

The forecast is for rain tomorrow, torrential rain for Sunday and wet for the whole of next week. So, what else is new? At least SS won't have to worry about what to wear, just rubber boots and rain gear would suffice.
Uh what, SS? I am not fat. You're just a bad photographer to have taken the picture at that angle. Sheesh!

Thursday 27 May 2010

Thursday in the Garden

With winter fast approaching, and don't I know it with the wet, cold weather in the last few weeks, the roses are bidding their farewell until next spring.......

The oranges and the irises, however, are rearing their heads ......

And these buds which will become lovely blossoms soon....

Does any cat know what plant it is? These were given to us last year and they seem to be coming on quite well.

Monday 24 May 2010

Miser Monday

It's always been an issue with SS that I don't finish all my food on the plate. Not wanting to waste any of it she decided to put the remaining morsels out for the birdies on the stepping stone.

Well, I'm not going to have that, am I? To make the point crystal clear, I have taken up position beside the plate....

I dare you to come, birdies! I might be full but there is always room for a birdie or two....

Sunday 23 May 2010

A special day

Happy, Happy Birthday to ML!!!!
Hope you have a great day!!!

Today is an extra-special day - it's ML's birthday!!!!!!! She is one special lady, without whom the CB would not be operating half as smoothly. We, furriends of the CB, hereby wish her a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns, with purrs and thanks for all her hard work which have given us many hours of happiness and allows us to be connected to our furriends across the globe.

Friday 21 May 2010

Floofy Friday

Now that winter is near, I have to make a special effort to grow floof. While I'm happy to say that progress is good, I try to limit my exposure to the elements only on the rare sunny days. Otherwise, I am in SS's room practicing acting cute....

On the subject of floof, I am allowing SS to post some of the floofy creatures she met during her holidays...

This is my cousin, Farfala, a totally spoilt Abyssinian who has his own 3-storey custom-built cabinet in the living room to which he retreats and closes the door when he feels he has had enough of attention.

This is the very friendly bunny, Flora, who obligingly posed for SS.

Lastly, this is Lady Suet, an old friend who has made previous guest appearances in this blog.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

I'm back!

Hi efurryone, did you miss me? I sure missed all of you!

While SS was away, Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr sent me the official acceptance and I became a charter member of The Good Kitty Club .....

That's the good news. SS, however, threatens to tell on me and have me kicked out of the Club because I have been a very bad kitty during her absence and gave my carer a lot of strife. These include:
1. Pooping on the carpet
2. Killing birdies - there were 2 skeletons on the lawn when SS returned
3. Destroying the orchids by pushing the pots over the ledge. Tippy, the neighbouring cat might have helped, but I get all the blame.

4. Escaped twice.

What's a kitty to do when she is left all alone except for 2 visits a day?