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Tuesday 29 September 2009


Things are getting from bad to worse. Not only do I not get help with blogging and visiting, I don't even get my pictures taken lately, no matter how cutely I pose. Where is JUSTICE?

What you are seeing today is me from pre-digital camera era...

and my son, Ban, who has sadly left us.....

We miss him terribly, even now, as he was a most gentle cat.

Purrs to all who have not forgotten us and kept up the visit. We will one day resume our activities.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Another surprise party

Just when you think we are partied out, there is another one on. It's Asta's Birthday today!!!!

With no time to change, we head to the Big Apple to prepare for her party. So here we are at Times Square, still in our Roman gear. We even manage to hire a hunky cowboy for the occasion.

Happy Birthday sissy Asta!!!!!!!!
Please all go and wish her the happiest of birthdays!!!!
Photos by Karl

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Surprise Birthday Party for Opus in Rome

Opus is sweet fourteen today. He has been a bit down in the dumps lately because his twin brother Roscoe went to the Bridge one year ago and their blogoversary is coming up on their birthday.

To cheer him up a Surprise Party has been arranged in Rome at THE Colosseum, no less!!!

photos by Karl, Sassy and Asta respectively

Please all head to his home in Italy to wish him a Happy Birthday!!!!

Sunday 20 September 2009

Easy like Sunday

I am very annoyed that I am missing out on all the fun in the CB lately, just because my SS is busy. No visiting, no posting! I am thinking of advertising for a new SS. Know of any good ones?
Spring is early this year. The days are warm and bright and the flowers are all out in force.

Here I am, relaxing in my garden....

When it gets too warm I retire to the shade...

Have a great weekend, efurryone!

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Party Post

As you may know, I was a stray who adopted SS’s family back in 1998. Therefore, my birthday is unclear and even my exact Gotcha Day has been lost in the mist of time. SS’s mother traced it to early September. So we have adopted September 2 as my Gotcha Day/Birthday, the same day as the birthday of my NOMS sissy Momo, who lives in Toronto (we found each other through the internet)…

This year, my SS has been extra busy and did not have time to organize a party. So my lovely mancat, Socks, is giving one in my honour….

graphic by the Zoolatry

and Asta, my other NOMS sissy, who lives in New York and whose birthday is also in September, is celebrating it with me jointly…

graphic of Asta and me by the Zoolatry

Please come along to the party at Socks’s, where you can play in his beautiful, sunny garden

Before you go, please take a little present that SS has prepared …..

Thank you so much for coming by. See you all at the party.

Look what my lovely sissy, Sassy sent me...

And of course, from my good friend Karl....

and in view of my recent illness and anticipating the yaking of spring furballs...

Thanks Karl! You are ever the thoughtful kitty!!!

My Italian furriends, Opus and Ollie, sent me these...

Monday 7 September 2009

Properties and pets

Being a kitty, I generally do not pay much attention to silly, ignorant politicians, demographers and reporters. However, not being well this weekend and therefore confined indoors, I happened to glance at the newspaper that SS had been reading. This article caught my eyes and had me fuming:

Properties and pets

Dogs and cats - also known as
Fur Kids - are changing what we look for in a property and even a suburb. While it might seem over the top for Paris Hilton to hire an interior designer to craft a luxury doghouse for her Fur Kids, more Australians are preferring to pamper their pets. [Now, what’s wrong with that, I ask you! It is as it should be.]

"I've had clients who moved house so their cat would have a bigger backyard," says prestige agent Jennine Leonarder-Collins, saying most pet owners no longer banish their beloved animals to the backyard but allow them to sleep in bed with them. [This woman is obviously behind time. Where else would we sleep? Of course we need bigger (and safer) backyards to stretch our legs and sun our bellies!]

Politicians like Clover Moore say pet-friendliness is the hallmark of quality suburbs, in much the same way that good schools, playgrounds and parks with councils supporting pet ownership, dedicating more off-leash areas and even free obedience classes and supported vet services. [This is more like it. I do think this lady, who happens to be the mayor of Sydney, is the only politician around with her head screwed on right.]

"Humans have a whole lot of love to give, and if they don't have kids, they give it to their pets," says demographer Bernard Salt, who says the importance of pets is only going to grow in the next decade. "For now, people might laugh and just think it's the gays or the very rich that treat their animals like children, but by the 2020s it will hit the middle market in a big way," he says. [Another stupid human who is grossly out of touch. He needs to visit the CB to get educated and be brought up to date. Methinks he lives in the 19th century. Wake up, man, 2020 is here and now! Laugh, indeed!]

So what makes a property pet-friendly? Urban planning specialist Virginia Jackson, a director of Harlock Jackson, says there are easy ways to improve your home to make it more enjoyable for pets, including:
* making sure cats have window sills wide enough to sit on or areas high off the ground for cats to climb. [Hear, hear! Now you are talking.]
* people like Cat Walk City founder Steve Tarrant build secured outdoor cat runs for pet owners that want to confine their cats yet give them outdoor space to exercise. [Some humans do use their brains sometimes; that’s what they are there for.]
* adding pull-down screens that can be secured to the ground around al fresco dining areas can also create a low-cost confined cat run, which prevents cats escaping into neighbours' homes or attacking wildlife. [Should be a compulsory feature in all homes]

The biggest problem with being pet-friendly is that it causes problems in apartments -- not all buildings are happy to allow barking dogs or screechy cats into their hallowed halls. [screechy??? hallowed?? What’d ya mean???? Irreverent biped!!]

But real estate agent says pet-friendly apartment buildings are worth more than those that prohibit pets. "Any small apartment block that doesn't allow pets is crazy," Leonarder Collins says. "Owners are just doing themselves out of money." [That’s more like it!! Of course they are!]

Australia's strata rules governing apartments vary from state to state, but most apartments create their own regulations about pets with some allowing cats or dogs. [:sigh:]

It can take a lot of work to fight a strata and have rules changed to allow pets but some of the best tips to beg apartment buildings to allow pets include: [more sighs]
- writing a letter to the board or executive committee in charge of the strata body corporate to ask what the current rules are governing pet ownership.
- propose changes that allow the keeping of pets with the board or committee's approval.
Pet-loving apartment dwellers are then advised to compile a 'pet resume' in their letter of permission outlining:
- a description of the pet, including size, age and appearance
- the pet's disposition and whether it has had obedience or other behavioural training
- attaching details of registration, microchipping and vet records to prove responsible ownership
- references from previous landlords, neighbours or other strata schemes vouching for the behaviour of the pet.

If this is not overt discrimination, I don’t know what is! At this point, I was too incensed to read further and the only reason I didn’t yak furballs or pooh on it was that the paper happened to be on SS’s bed.

Australia really needs to get itself up to par with the rest of the world in this aspect. Discrimination against furries is NOT to be tolerated. We furries are entitled to have some basic rights and we demand them!

Sorry, no pic of me in this post. I refuse to pose as I have been sick and don't look my best.