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Thursday 30 June 2011

International Box Day

I love boxes big or small

IN it....

ON it....

The only box that I don't like is...

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Tattle Tale Tuesday

A yelping little dog has taken up temporary residence next door. I suppose you'd really have to feel sorry for the little mite because his mom is in hospital and he has to stay here next door to me to be looked after by her aunt, who works long hours and is hardly ever home.

He barks day and night non stop. That really isn't my fault, is it? Then why is it that SS chastises me about teasing him, just because I make a point of letting out a single mieow this side of the fence the moment he stops for a breather and doing my stretches and promenading slowly along the fence several times a day?

A kitty needs to vocalise and have a bit of exercise, don't you think?

::snigger, snigger::

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Tummy Tuesday

Good to have the sun on my belly...Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Sunday 19 June 2011

Comin' outta my ears

I have been tagged by my boyfurriend Socks and my fellow Aussi kitty Mr Puddy for this meme, so I would not stop bugging SS until she got off her butt to do it for me...

Do I think I am HOT?

If thinking helps, I would try very hard to think I am hot, but it’s just under 10C (50F) here and no amount of thinking would convince me I am HOT.

Upload a picture or wallpaper I am using...

When was the last time I ate chicken...

I have chicken at least every second day. I prefer ham though.

The song that I listened to most recently..

Let me think - The Toreador song from the opera Carmen. SS likes it and sings it often. Not quite as well as Placido Domingo, but that never stops her from singing it. Poor me!

What am I thinking while I am doing this…

I want to grow wings and get them birdies

Do I have nicknames?

You bet I do:
Mini – most common, I get called this even more often than my real name
Millie – when I do something annoying such as running away when I see the comb in SS’s hand or make a mess of my dinner
Millie-meow – when I don’t come when I am called
Possum – when SS is about to give me one of those suffocating squeeze
Silly-billy – when I do something dumb

Saturday 18 June 2011

Picnic at the flower show

After the flower show we sissies share a quiet picnic together, catching up and reminiscing the good times we've had and planning for the future.....

pictures by Gracie and Asta

Friday 17 June 2011

Gatecrashing the Flower Show

My boyfurriend Socks is hosting a flower show in his beautiful garden.

Please go along and have an impromptu garden party at his place. Psst, his mom doesn't know about the party plan yet. She thinks it's only a sedate, genteel flower show. Oh yes, I sent along our flowers so that his mom doesn't suspect anything.

Let's take our picnic baskets,

and not forget the lizards and voles......

Let them loose and THE INVASION BEGINS!!!!

Wednesday 15 June 2011

The bright side

It's been raining, pouring, bucketing in the last few days.....

Always look at the bright side:
We will have a free swimming pool with a waterfall feature.

Me? I am a zen cat. I don't worry about trivia like that...

I do what a kitty does best and let nature (and SS) take care of calamities.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

My doggie siblings and furriends

This post is about my doggie siblings and furriends.

My oldest furriend and sissy is my namesake Momo. When I first started blogging I googled my name and found this cutie pie from Canada. SS and I visited her and we became sissies. Since I was a stray and don't really know my real birthday I took on her birthday because that was also very close to my Gotcha Day. Later, her brother, Pinot, came and he also became my brother. Pictured with them here is Momo Pinot Gris, a wine from New Zealand named after us.

Momo is the one on the right.

Then came Asta, the fashionista from the Big Apple, who is familiar to many in the Cat Blogosphere. We have had many adventures together around the world over the years.

photo by Zoolatry

Magnificient Khyra needs no introduction. She is a well-known figure in both the cat and dog blogging world. She is a frequent visitor to many kitties and woofies and very active in promoting animal welfare.

The youngest of my doggie pals is Fenris, my boyfurriend Socks's sibling...

Last but not least I would like to present my angel doggie siblings, Lucko and Happy, who went to the Bridge before I came...

Lucko (LoLo) was one of the two puppies of SS's sister's pair of Australian Silky Terriers. When SS's father passed away he came to keep SS's mother company, but somehow everyone considered him to be SS's dog. He was much loved by the entire extended family. When he went to the Bridge, he was over 15 years old and was buried in the corner of our back garden by his favourite tree.

Happy was SS very first pet. He was given to SS by her brother. SS was so happy to have her very own dog that she just named him Happy. He went to the Bridge many years ago. He was very ill for some time towards the end but managed to hang in there until SS returned home from studying abroad. He died peacefully a couple of days after SS's return. SS still cries when she thinks of him after all these years.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Up, up but not away

We actually got some sun this morning and I decided to make the best of it. Where else better than the roof? You may think that at my age I would not be able to climb so well. If so, you are wrong!!!!

Look at me....

Never underestimate a granny cat!!!!

Wednesday 8 June 2011

I nearly ended up with a sibling

SS's friends went to church on Sunday and returned home with a kitten. Some individual had left a young kitten in a box at the step of the church on a freezing cold morning. The minister appealed to the congregation to adopt the kitty. No one wanted him but SS's friends decided they would provide a foster home and look for a family for the poor kitty in the meantime.

They have a hairdressing business and they took the kitty to work with them everyday to give him higher exposure to prospective parents. SS went to have her haircut and cuddled the little lovebug kitten for the whole time. I nearly ended up with a sibling.

All is well that ends well. Her friend rang just now to tell SS that the kitten has been offered a forever home.


Thursday 2 June 2011

Thursday in the garden

::3 paw taps::

This is officially the first week in winter and it looks like that we are going to have a wet one if the last few days are anything to go by. We had such a deluge that the garden was flooded and is just starting to dry out a bit.

This is my meatloaf pose with the christmas cactuses in the background. Surprisingly, the roses are still there, lending some colour to an otherwise dismal looking garden/swamp.

Wednesday 1 June 2011

More naughty tales

Things are getting out of paw here, according to SS.

The story goes, a new BBQ pork shop recently opened in our little shopping centre. SS got some today to try them out. It was freshly roasted and smelled totally heavenly. So what would you expect a kitty to do when it was left unattended on the kitchen bench, neatly wrapped? I did what all of you would have done - jumped up, tore open the wrap and had a taste! Well, you know, I was actually jeopardising my life as a taster for the family. What if it was poisoned? I could have died but I would have saved the family. Luckily, that didn't happen.

Now, in case you think I was the only naughty kitty, have a look at my sister-in-floof (SIF) Fin's recent post. She did the same thing!!!!!

Yay to us!!!!