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Monday 30 April 2012


MoMo is home! She has a tumour that extends into her esophagus. The vet has sent off the biopsy for tissue diagnosis and given MoMo an injection of steroid to help ease the swelling so that she can eat. This may need to be repeated in a month depending on how well she responds. She is resting on my bed at present and will be given some soft food for the time being. Thankyou all for your purrs and kind thoughts and prayers which are much appreciated. We will enjoy each other's company until such time she has to run off to the Bridge.

Sunday 29 April 2012

Thank you all for sending kind wishes and purrs. I ask my SS to stop crying and put this post up. I will be going for surgery tomorrow morning and if the growth under my tongue is cancerous, I will not be coming home. As of this morning I can only slurp milk and fluid clumsily and eat small morsels of cheese and meat when hand fed. Otherwise I am OK.

Please purr that the vet is wrong and the lump is only an abscess or something treatable. SS will update tomorrow pm.