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Friday 27 August 2010

I've got mail!

While I was enjoying the morning sun after breakfast....

a parcel arrived for me. Yipeeeeeeee!!! Inside was a framed photo of my boyfurriend, Socks, and a green nip mousie - presents for my adopted birthday next month. SS placed them in my tent, so that I can see them from my box ......

Socks's family also sent a very elegant pocket book as a present to SS. Why is she getting a present on my birthday when she is so slack in helping me to visit and blog?

A big thankyou and many nosekisses to my lovely mancat. He is the bestest boyfurriend!!!

Sunday 22 August 2010

Sad Sunday

My SS has come back from Kauai looking tanned and very well. As usual I ignored her a bit to show my displeasure for leaving me for so long, not that I wasn't well looked after when she was away. However, after sharing an early lunch of ham and milk, I was all over her and followed her everywhere.

However, sad news awaited - cousin Marzepan had passed away peacefully and our furriends Fat Eric and Luxor had also joined him at the Bridge.

RIP, dear ones, until we meet again some day. Our prayers and purrs are with the bereaved families.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

A get together

It's been far too quiet since SS left for beautiful, warm Kauai. When I complained, my SIFs, Fin and Siena, immediately agreed to visit me in my garden.

The day started off sunny and cold, well, it is winter. So I climbed onto the roof to look out for the arrival of Fin and Siena.

After they arrived, we had some warm milk and treats from gran. Then we all went to investigate my dysfunctional fountain. As some of you might know, Fin also has a fountain in her garden. But hers is a working fountain. So she volunteered to have a look at it for me.

The verdict - the pipes have rotted away and it's unfixable.

Oh well, we tried.

Wait, what is attracting Siena's attention. An introoder!

This tabby has been visitng my garden without my permission in the last few days. He quickly left when he sensed that he was outnumbered.

Mission accomplished. Time for more treats. Gran, where are you?