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Monday, 25 June 2007

My corner

Had a lazy weekend and enjoyed breakfast with the family. Had lots of bacon strips which SS said were high in fats and cholesterol. Sure taste better than the 'senior' cat food that she insists on feeding me. I don't feel in anyway 'senior'. Admittedly, I don't climb trees as often but that's because since Sam has died and the German shepard has gone there are no more animals in the immediate neighboouring backyards that I can peep at.


Islay said...

Dear Momo,

What a splendidly beautiful garden you have! In such a place an animal might be content to lie and watch the world in peace, seeing and sensing things that humans don't even know are there!


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Oh yes, I always watch the visiting birds (can't be bothered chasing them anymore)and the butterflies. There are nooks in that space where no one but I know and there are sunny and shady spots for all seasons.