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Monday 11 June 2007

wet weekend

Wet weekend

A wet and windy weekend and I have been indoors. Pretty boring inside except for the carpets. I missed the sun and the warmth. The family went out last night for dinner in SS's new yellow car. I like it when they return from evening outing as the car is warm and I can stay under. Of course, there is always hope for yummy morsels that SS sometimes brings back for me.

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Islay said...

Dear Momo,
Those are some really good pictures. You have the look of a true carnivore. Regarding rabbits: in my experience, carnivores don't always mix well with herbivores, though there have been some exceptions. If you like to play, the poor creatures don't always take it too well. Then again there's the possibility of the rabbit being the less tolerant of you, which can get unpleasant. As I am old, and used to be well-trained, I tolerate whatever my people bring home, as a well-bred pet should, but I think I really would like to play more - you know, games that involve biting!