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Wednesday 8 August 2007

For the ailurophiles

Just a followup on the Meow Museum in Kuching. It is quite an impressive building and contains over 2000 exhibits relating to us Felis. Among these is a mummified cat from ancient Egypt where killing a cat was a crime punishable by death and family members mourned their dead pet cats by shaving their brows. Can't really imagine SS doing that when I die; she is just too vain.


Islay said...

iech - mummified! I shall never understand humans! If they love us, they should let us know by feeding us, not by shaving their heads!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

That's too obvious. SS was saying the other day that fat cats run the risk of developing diabetes, just like fat humans. I don't think I am in that category since I only weigh less than 4kgs. My fluffy coat gives the impression that I am 'fat', but I am not really. SS's nephew used to call me the 'fat lady', but then I was pregnant at the time. I'm sure SS can continue to give me liver treats and cheese without worrying too much about my weight.