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Thursday 30 August 2007

Cats in art

While I don't have a single artistic vein in me, I do think cat representation in the visual arts needs to be promoted. To this end, Skuzzy has taken up the challenge and put together a virtual exhibit appropriately named Cats in Art. For all of you who are interested to be educated and entertained please have a look at http://www.delmars.com/kitcats/catsart.htm
It's very well put together. Congratulations to Skuzzy and greetings to all the other members in the house - Bubba, CC and BooBoo.

For those who are interested to carry on a bit further, there is a book by the art historian Stefano Zuffi on this subject. I haven't read it myself and so can't give an expert review, but those in the know seem to give it very good ratings. Perhaps SS would consider buying it when the scholarship cheque comes in next week. A little culture would not go amiss and may even detract her from indulging in junk food.

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