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Thursday 16 August 2007

My days

Hmmm. I can tell that spring is just arriving with the longer, warmer sunny afternoons and tolerable nights. I do enjoy stretching out in the back garden during the day with the sun on my back and go for my evening jaunts now that the nights are not so cold.

However, I make sure I am there, sitting on the mat, in the mornings before SS leaves for university and at the back door in the evenings when she comes back. She baby-talks to and plays with me but more importantly she feeds me. I usually hang around a little longer after my dinner until she finishes her in the hope that she may have some tasty morsels for me.

Thereafter, I'm away! I am not letting on where I go and what I do. Cats never do!

1 comment:

Islay said...

Dear Momo,
I, too, never abandon hope that there will be a tasty morsel for me even after I've finished my dinner. Sometimes I am right!