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Sunday 19 August 2007

On weather, food and activity

Dull day Saturday and soggy Sunday. I happen to be the family's official weather forecaster. Whenever they see me curling up on the garden lounge outside the window of SS's study shed they know not to wash clothes as it is going to rain. So, here I am settled on the lounge lapping milk and eating snacks offered by SS, who says that I am getting fat and should consider more exercise and going on a diet. What am I supposed to do when she keeps feeding me all these treats and snacks? She bought some new dry food, in a rather eye-catching electric blue foil self sealing bag - it's for senior cats. I do wish she wouldn't rub it in!

Being senior, I do exercise sometimes but not as much as I used to. These days my favourite exercise is sauntering out to the front garden to watch cars go by or supervise SS trims bushes (which is not often). I don't even bother jumping the fences anymore because sooner or later someone would open the back door to let me in and out. I just have to mieow or knock and wait.


Islay said...

Dear Momo,
I must admit that I am not too disappointed to have the rain back again because walking doesn't interest me, either, as much as it did when I was young, and when it rains, I can curl up inside the warm house with my people and sometimes get popcorn or anything else that they want to share!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

You are lucky, Charlie, that your people are home. SS is away most of the day and sometimes even on Sunday these days. So, during the day I have to curl up on the garden lounge instead of the rugs inside the house. Just as well it is not too cold or windy.