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Sunday 3 February 2008

The Big Game

The Big Game is HERE! The Super Bowl at the University of Phoenix stadium between the New England Patriots (who have not lost a single game this season) and the New York Giants!

(Thanks to Sassy for the above poster, please visit her blog to see other kitties in NFL action!)

Since we don't have any kitty player in the NY Giants, we, Momo and Lucy from the Artsy Catsy, the Official Cheerleaders for the National Feline League, will be cheering for the NE Patriots in which Miss Peach, Kaze and Darling Millie are playing.

(Thanks to the Zoolatry kitties for the above promotion posters)

I would also like to welcome my cousin, Charlotte, who has just returned home in time for the big game (thanks to all the kitties who sent their guiding purrs to help her find her way home) and Riley to join me in the cheering. Of course, all kitty supporters are most welcomed to join the party. Here are some popcorn, crisps/chips, cakes and snacks while you watch and cheer.

And look what my sissy Sassy sent over for the party - special football cookies and a Superbowl cake! Ever considerate, she even sent the cake tin just in case there is not enough and I need to make some more!

There are also cheese, roast beef and turkey sandwiches for those who want something different.

Charlotte my cousin has just brought these lovely fresh sushi and sashimi. She passed by the Fish Market on her way here. Please, everycat, help yourself.

One pipping hot dish of crab puffs coming up, by popular demand.

OK, let start the cheering!

GO, Patriots, GO,
Winner of the Super Bowl!!!!!
*shaking and waving the pom poms*

PATS is the best!
We'll take the trophy,
At the Super Bowl!
*high kitty kicks and waving pom poms*

Who's the best?
The Pats, the Pats!
All the Way!
Yay, Yay, Yay!
*jumping and waving pom poms*

ALL hail to the SUPER CATS!
(Badge made by the Zoolatry)


Sassy Kat said...

Wow, I am the first one here! This is goin to be a great day in football. I am goin to teleport back home and drop somethin off for the party then I will be right back.
Go Team
Go Team
Go Team
Rah, Rah!!

Mickey's Musings said...

Looks like you are all set! Good luck to your team :)
Purrs Mickey

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Party on dude! Your party looks fantastic!

We are SO relieved that Charlotte got back. You must have been frantic. We were so worried.

Leslie said...

Mom wants to come for dinner! She says it looks incredibly good! She has been busy with her two tenagers and is now sulking again as she just realised she has to go back to work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh we are SO relieved that Charlotte is back.

Your party looks absolutely fabulous! Go girls!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

We hope you have fun watching the game. American Football isn't popular over here, so we won't get to see it.

ZOOLATRY said...


Anonymous said...

Go Pats! Our Grampy has been counting down the days and it's finally here!! Hooray!! Go Pats!

Boy said...

Wow! That wooks wike a gweat game!

The Thing awwived at mine house today. Go mine bwoggy to see. I is upset!

Daisy said...

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom... This is a great party! I am very excited about the Super Bowl today. I am going to cheer for the Patriots, too!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That's a lot of great food. We'll be cheering on the Pats too.
We are so happy and reeleeved that your cuzzin Charlotte came back safely.

Millie said...

Go Pats!
Go Pats!
Go Pats!
Go Pats!
Go Pats!
Go Pats!
Go Pats!
I can't wait! I am so happy to be among friends on this big day!

Cat Naps in Italy said...

Thanks for the invite!

Give us a C
Give us a O
Give us a L
Give us a T
Give us a S

What does that spell?
Uuh, wait....um c-o-l-t-s, oh yea

Whos gonna win?
Who isn't even in the game?
Who are we going to cheer for anyway?
One more time!
We can't hear you!

Yea we know. They aren't even in the game, but we are taking our time machine back to the super duper bowl game from last year. If you wanna come MOmo we will send the machine back for ya! Of course you can catch up after the Pats play, it IS a time machine so come when you want! heheheh!

Thanks for all the snacks and the wonderful party. Maybe we will just have a little something to eat before we head back in time....
opus and roscoe

Asta said...

I wan ovew to wish all of you a fabulous pawty..I'm akshually in Azwizona at a pawty, and I don't weally cawe who wins as long as we all have fun...but, since I'm fwom NY, I kinda wish we had a chance..
HIP HIP HURRAH! that Chawlotte is back!!!
I pwayed weally hawd!!
smoochie kises

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there!
Looks like you are ready fur the Superbowl!! We don't watch any sports really, but the food looks great!!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Turkey Cats said...

oH, MOMO, You have outdone yourself with this wonderpurr pawty! I will come back and visit later.


Isis said...

thank you momo for stopping by and visiting my tribute, i appreciate that!

And yes, Tesla is my niece. her momma, is my sister! She helps both of us blog-- so as you can imagine... that can be hard at times to keep up with both worlds!

Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernies Voice said...

We are COLTS fans, but today we say...Go, Go, Go Patriots!
Happy Super Bowl Fun!

Cheers & HUGS~
Chancy, Ernie's Voice & Jake

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Hi Momo, welcome home Charlotte, hey all yoo cats! Mmmm, lookit all dat food! Yoo guys sure know how to throw a party. We is cheering fur da Pats to make a perfect season!

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

WE gotta watch football at my house later today....I don't like it. The attention will be off of me again.....

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Go Team! oh Go Team! All my faves are out and I just don't know who to root for!

Jan Price said...

Hey, Momo,

Can we bring our canine brothers and sister? They like to eat too and it looks like you've got plenty of food. They're also good at cheering. High energy, you know.

We're not particular which team wins since Jan isn't into sports, but we do like to visit - and eat.

Jans Funny Farm felines

Hot(M)BC said...

Hey Momo!
Wow, you got lotsa great food. How'd you get all that togefur so quik? Grate job!
We're so glad Charlotte is home too :)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, and Gree (Pepi is off at the M-cats Club)

Jan Price said...

Hey, Momo,

Jan sent us back with a pile of salmon patties. And we borrowed a couple cans of her tuna to make dip for the chips.

Jans Funny Farm

Just Ducky said...

Wow, a cake like a stadium. This is going to be an exciting day! Can't wait for the game to start.

dennis said...

Dennis is a New England fan even though he is from NY. Dennis thinks New England is the more elegant team. Dennis roots for the most elegant people.

Samantha & Mom said...

Hi Momo, this is a great party! Go! Pats! Go! I am wishing them a perfect season. Nice to see everyone and the food is yummmmy!! We are so glad Charlotte made it home safely, too
Your FL furiends,

Mr. Hendrix said...

wow! what a great party! the food looks so very good.
i'm so very glad Charlotte is home safe and sound. that is totally something to cheer about!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Go Momo!!!!! Go Miss Peach!!!!Go Kaze!!! Go Miss Millie!!!

I cannotz beleev dat you all iz doin' dis foots ball ting. Mebbe a pawzball?

We iz so happy to see you havin' a good time.

Sassy Kat said...

If ya can take a quick break from the game teleport go on over to Opus and Roscoe's place they have kittynapped me and are in a time machine. There is room for all that want to come.

Jan Price said...

Momo, I'm so glad you're all enlightened and don't mind a human at your parties, but I think I better pass. As loud as you will all be yelling to cheer your teams on, my coughing would drown you out. I appreciate the invitation, though.

jans funny farm

Islay said...

Yum - Hot dogs!

Islay said...

Yum - cake!

Islay said...

Yum - popcorn!

Islay said...

Did someone say something about this party being about a ball? Football - what's a foot?

Islay said...

Yum - sanwiches!

Islay said...

Did I hear something about a bowl - a 'super' bowl? WIll it be filled with yummy things?

Alexi said...

Go team! Go team! RAH! RAH!

Rah! Rah! Team!

Rah! Rah! Food!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Foot=paw, Super Bowl does NOT = supper bowl. Just eat, and enjoy yourself Charlie! Don't worry about the pawball.

Charlotte said...

Hi everycat! I am here! What a lot of yummy food! I'll just settle in with some chips and popcorn and wait for Riley to arrive. Oh, he has been already?

I have brought some tuna juice and milk for the party. Everycat, please help yourself! There are also some sushi too. Thanks so much for all the lovely purrs that guided me home. Otherwise I can't be at this party.

Maya and Kena said...

Hey there MoMo!
Thanks fur commenting on our post!
We tried to check out the link you gave us, but it says we don't have the latest flash player something...sorry.. but we bet it was something great!
Have a great Superbowl day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Islay said...

Not a supper bowl? 'sniff' Well, the treats are great and the company even better! (besides, the cricket got rained out yesterday)

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Kick-off and Super Bowl XLII is under way!!!!


Islay said...

Hiya, Mieow and woofies! Just sent a big juicy salmon over to the party! I love slamon, and I know all of you hip cats will enjoy it, too, just in case I've eaten too much of the other lovely food Momo has put out for her guests!

Turkey Cats said...

Sorry we're late.

Hi Charlotte, you look beautiful!!!


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Charlie - there is plenty of food. Just help yourself. Thanks for the salmon.

Riley - nice to see you here. Grab some food and drink and join Charlotte over there.

Go, Pats, GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
*waving pompoms madly*

Charlotte said...

Hi, Riley! You look dapper today. Come and sit by me and we'll watch the game. I don't quite know what's going on. This is the first time I watch American football

Turkey Cats said...

Charlotte, can I get you something to eat?

Turkey Cats said...

Oh, my daddy taught me all about football so I can help you figure out what is going on.

Riley X

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Go, Brady!!!
Go, Maroney!!!!
Go, Evans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan Price said...

Hey, Momo, who's that sitting next to Charlotte? We haven't met.

There's Charlie. Glad he brought his appetite with him. He needs to keep up his strength.

So many familiar faces, but some new ones too.

Did anyone bring crab puffs? We've got someone over behind us asking about them.

jans funny farm

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Riley! Those salmon and tuna sashimi are nice. Get some and we can share. Momo has some turkey slices over there for you.

Bobby D. said...

GO PATRIOTS~!!! did they win yet?

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

JFF - that's Riley over there with Charlotte. This is their first date. They met at the Kitty Love Cafe and are hitting it off quite well.

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Go Patriots! And pass the sushi!

Turkey Cats said...

Turkey????? Yum!!!

Here's a dish of your food, Charlotte.

::snuggles next to Charlotte while eating turkey::

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

NE Pats - 7
NY Giants - 3

GO PATS!!!!!

What? Crab puffs? Umm, don't think so. Will get them if there is demand. But not right now.

Charlotte said...

Who is that?
::snuggles up with Riley::

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

OK, some hot carb puffs have just been served. Come and get it!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I mean crab puffs!

C'mon PATS!

Islay said...

Anyone want to see my neat party tricks? Watch me roll over and play dead, then catch a biscuit in the air!

Jan Price said...

Hey, those hot carb puffs sound good. Think we'll try some. Any relation to crab puffs?

You sure are a good hostess, Momo.

jans funny farm

Turkey Cats said...

So, Charlotte how do you like football?

Islay said...

Do you think that that ball has treats in it like our Kong toys? Otherwise, why would those humans all go chasing after it like it was the last ball on Earth?

Charlotte said...

It's kinda fun, seeing humans chasing a ball around. I still reckon they don't do it half as elegantly as we kitties do.

Islay said...

P.S. to the funny fram: carb puff are like the slamon I brought. They're yummy and make cats pruu. -too much cta nip...

Islay said...

These humans sure can be entertaining! Perplexing, but entertaining nonetheless.

Islay said...

Whoopie do - look at my fluffy tail!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Charlie - if the ball has treats, I would make the humans bring it to me. I definitely wouldn't chase it around the field. What do you take me to be, a human?

Turkey Cats said...

I love playing with jingle balls and plastic springs. Do you think they would allow us to play after the game. We could have fun dancing around with our toys.

He he he


Islay said...

Hey Momo, I still haven't found this big supper bowl yet, but am now looking for the "Big Game" that is supposed to be at the party - I'm just waiting to chase it - deer, elk, moose, bear....

Islay said...

aooof - got by doze snuck in de big sliber tropy - can somebun help be ged id oud? Jus' put some claws into by tail and pull!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Riley - you sure can play with whatever you have. It's a cats' party, you know. Who is to say NO?

Charlie - the closest we have here to 'game' is turkey. No, no scary big animals.

Back to cheering,
Get those scores UP!

Charlotte said...

I brought my mousie with me too. And ginger man!

Jan Price said...

Hey, look at the size of Charlie's nose. Momo, we need a tub of ice in here.

Charlie, does it hurt?

jans funny farm

Turkey Cats said...

Wanna go play for a few minutes?

I have lots of energy from all that turkey!!1

Thanks Momo for having turkey. It's my FAVORITE!!!


Charlotte said...

Yeah, let's gather our toys and take it to the back room and play. Momo has some feather thingys there too.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Oh, Charlie! There are some ice over at the bucket where the drinks are.

Islay said...

A-choo! Oh Thank you. I'm going to go put my nose into a frozen daiquiri!

Thanks for inviting me to your bowl party, Momo; I had such a good time! You cats - and dogs - are such fun!


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

10-7 down in the 4th quarter.

Get that ball and SCORE!!!!!!!!

Zoe and Indy said...

yum yum yummmm
thanks for sharing!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Just hang in there!

Sassy Kat said...

Stopped in to see if ya are done cheerin and were ready to head over to Opus and Roscoe's for another adventure.

Jan Price said...

Sassy stopped by to let us know we called Charlie "he." We went by his place and apologized. We shouldn't have eaten so much. It affected our brain.

jans funny farm

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

What a disppointing end to an almost perfect season!

It was close though.

Myst and Blackie said...

WOOHOO... that was a good game... we sorry for all you Patriot fans but have to admit we were rooting for Eli & the Giants.

Tyler said...

What wonderful food! I'm so glad I stopped by. Thank you for such a fine party.

Jimmy Joe said...

Whoa, I missed the super bowl, but I'm gonna grab some of these leftovers anyway!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Maya and Kena said...

Hey MoMo!!
Thanks fur the cute comment!! You're so sweet! :D
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Jan Price said...

Yes, Momo, it was a great party. We're glad we came even though we're not as into football as some of the fans. We're happy for Asta and his team but sorry all those cheering for the Pats lost.

jans funny farm

Asta said...

Hi Sissy Momo!

I hope you had a gweat time and awe not disappointed in the game..I think evewyones played vewy well..I think that pas Roscoe thwew me and I wan with, decided the game..we won!
Iknow you wanted the patwiots..and I'm sowwy they didn't win fow you , but twy to be happy fow me
smoochie kisses
Asta sissy

Asta said...

I agwee the Pats had the best season, but that's why I thought I should help the Giants(plus I live in NY), but I thought we didn't have a chance, that's why I stepped in to help..and now I'm sad cause so many of my fwiendz awe sad..booo hooo..I don't think I like winning
sad smoochie kisses,

Juno said...

Whoa, sissy!! Our comment is the 93the one!! Thanks for the invitation but we couldn't make it coz our hoomans came home late last night after 'lights' shopping. (Our place is dark in the night!) All food you served look so great. If these is some left over, we will take it. :D

We love your new valentine theme profile photo!!! That's so cute!

Momo & Pinot

Asta said...

Dawling sissy Momo
Thank you fow youw compliment..I think ouw Mommi did well too..
You know I think Roscoe and I somehow tuwned the game awound fow the giants..I wealy didn't think they would win....the othew team didn't have a chance once a cat and doggie wewe helping out, hehe
smoochie kisses,

Asta said...

I fowgot to say..youw food was absolutely scwumptious!!
Thank you so vewy much! I think I have to go on a diet aftew this weekend
smoochie kisses youw sissyAsta