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Friday 2 November 2007

Petbeach award

Thanks +++ to Petbeach for the award. It's a new blog started by Lydia and Alex from Germany to promote friendship and goodwill for animals around the world.

These day SS is so busy with her work and dogsitting Chubby, an old German shepherd that belongs to her sister-in-law, that we only have quality time for scritchies, chatting and cuddles early in the morning and late at night. I do so miss the time when she was working at home when I could have cuddles and hand-fed treats any time I want just by fronting up at her study shed. Now, I sit at the driveway waiting for her to return in the evenings and she would smell of doggie.

Ominous time ahead when she finishes this thesis of hers and has to start looking for a job. I am so worried that we may have to move to other another city or, worse still, another country. I love the home we have now and DON'T want to go ANYWHERE!


Juno said...

Momo!! Momo here! Today I am the first one to arrive!! YAAAAAYYY!
Is your SS so busy? I wish I could come and snuggle with you!!

Just visited Sassy's blog. I am so honoured to be featured on her blog even if I am a doggie! :)
I love the idea! Yes, Sassy, Charlie and double Momo do something together! I am up to it. Picnic is a good one!
Momo xoxo

Jimmy Joe said...

Wow! Momma says congratulations to your momma for getting so much work done. My momma has to really focus herself to finish her current chapter draft. I hope you don't have to move too far from where you are when she gets a real grown-up job.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Sassy Kat said...

Momo-Stopping in today to check up on things. Studying must be a lot of work. I hope you won't have to move but if you do make sure you keep up on the blog. I am still trying to send you the picture of Buddy.

Gretchen said...

That sounds like a good award to have. Congratulations.