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Friday 9 November 2007

NOMSS friends

Karl reminded me about the NOMSS challenge. I want to nominate Charlie and Momo-dog as my NOMSS friends. This is Charlie and she lives in Sydney. We exchange treats from time to time and engage in deep meaningful discourses. It was she who introduced me to blogging. In the beginning, we only blogged with each other since no one really visited us until Karl introduced me to the other kitties in the Cat Blogosphere not so long ago.

And this is Momo-dog, she is my twin-sissy and she lives in Canada:

Both my NOMSS friends are friends too. We visit each other regularly and go on tours, picnics and parties together. Through them, I meet and socialize with other NOMSS friends and vice versa.

Please visit them and say hello.


MaoMao said...

Hi there! I love makin new furriends! Your NOMSS furriends look like wunnerful woofies, and thankies fur introducin them to us!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

The Cat Realm said...

Wonderful! Those are two very sweet nomss friends, I am happy to meet them! I am also glad that you put your link in the nomss dare because that makes more participants for the momss dare as of right now than for the current one (DUYS) which means we might not have to wear those Groucho Marx glasses... but it's close - we'll see...

Leslie said...

Gees Lousie - crikey Momo! Good pick up on the linkies thing with the football page. Erk!

Looks like a student was in there. Will go back in and stare at it.

Big thanks!

Leslie said...

Thank God for friends who notice these things. :) I got it, it was a "blogger" site and it won't let a blog.com website be listed with the list of blogspot.com websites. :)
P.S. We are still to talking to Her and will never speak to Her again, oh, unless she feeds us all Pye's steak from the fridge.

Juno said...

Good morning Momo... Yesterday was like my dream. I had a great time and still thinking about it! :)
That Charlie's picture is very nice! I am happy to be featured on your blog (Big thanks! Everyone please come by my place!) but what does NOMSS stand for?!?


Hot(M)BC said...

Making noo furriends are grate. Yore NOMSS furriends are cool. Woo!
Sanjee and the gang
Pee Ess. Fanks for startin AstroKitty day. It was fun!

Sassy Kat said...

I am not sure what NOMSS is?? Let me know if I need to do any voting for you and I'll be more than happy to. I'll even round up other voters if this will help.

Daisy said...

You picked some great NOMSS friends! Charlie sure is beautiful with all that long fur. And Momo seems like a very nice doggie. I am going to go visit Momo the dog now.

Tybalt said...

How wonderful that you have two such adorable NOMSS friends! I will definitely have to visit them soon. =^_^=

Mr. Hendrix said...

What great NOMSS friends you have! I too have become friends with MoMo dog and will certainly have to meet Charlie. What a pretty woofie she is.

I'm very glad Karl introduced us to you!!

Leslie said...

Good morning Momo! Pretty dogs!
We are still only just talking to Her when we want something.
She pulled a muscle opening the big bolt on Her outside classroom door yesterday so She's a BIT GRUMPY!
Your Uni is lovely! When She went to Uni up in Armidale, She used to feed the deer at the deer park there.

The Cat Realm said...

Thanks for your vote!
Yes, nomss friends can certainly vote too!!!

Jimmy Joe said...

Hey there MoMo--your doggie friends look really nice. I like dogs a lot, more than Coco does, actually. Your momma's school looks very pretty, too. It's confusing that you have flowers now, when it's gonna snow soon here. That's weird.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

Anonymous said...

You have two sweet and great nomms friends, MoMo!! We love doggies too, there are 2 living with us, but because of that they don't count as nomss friends. We hope to find some, someday...


Islay said...

Thanks for the feature, Momo, and for the lovely time I had at the picnic! I am flattered to be on your blog in such good-form (but I don't know NOMSS - ?) What should I do about it?

Licks & slobbers

Juno said...

Hey Momo, your sissy here. Just wondering how you're doing. My pawrents are still amazed by this post. Your kitty friends can see Charlie and me on our blog. It's a honour!

Momo xoxo

Sassy Kat said...

Are you all taking a break after the exams at school? That is always a good thing to get out of the way.

I stopped in to remind you that tomorrow is Opus & Roscoe's Mafia Movie Marathon in Italy. They will posting photos of their guests who come in costume. If you don't want to dress up that is OK. Oh boy another all day party!!!

Oh I almost forgot., I am bringing some bootleg gin & beer with me that I picked up while I was visiting Chicago. Hope to see you there my good buddy.

ZOOLATRY said...

Oh my goodness we are totally drooling over these two handsome friends... green with jealously, too!