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Wednesday 12 September 2007

Psssst....there's a cat in no.10 again

I suppose you've all heard that there's a cat in no.10 Downing Street again, after poor Humphrey was kicked out. Sybil would hopefully fare better as she comes with the family rather than the house. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with the going ons in the British PM's lodge, Humphrey was the cat who took up abode there in the 1980's as a stray, kept company with Margaret Thatcher and John Major, only to be 'retired', aka disposed of, by Tony Blair's wife.

Don't confuse Sybil's connection. She is not the Brown family cat; she is the cat of Alastair Darling whose family lives in a flat above no.10. The Browns live in no.11. This is just in case you want to go to pay your respect when you're in London.

Ah, for us felines we must look back with pride to the Churchill era when Nelson who used to sit in a chair next to his illustrious master in both the Cabinet and dining rooms!


Islay said...

dear Momo,
just browsing through your blog, I realised I had missed two posts - one about the crazy cat art. I quite enjoyed those posts - very interesting and amusing. Well, I guess you can't fault me too much for having overlooked them last week - it can be tricky to surf the net when you are a dog!

Islay said...

Dear Momo,
There must be something about world leaders and cats lately. Here is a little something from Rome I think you might enjoy:

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Thanks for bringing to my attention that the present pope is a cat lover and can speak the cat's tongue. Perhaps I might even consider giving him an audience next time he comes to Sydney.

I don't surf the net either. The internet connection at our place is sooooooo sloooooow. It exceeds my attention span by several thousand folds.