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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Toy Tuesday

I don't have many toys but I just love my Elmo....

I bat it around, I talk to it, I sleep with it.  Wherever I go, he goes.  We are inseparable.  He has been with me since I was a kitten.  Yes, he is a little battered, but I prefer him to other newer toys.

SS has to wash him and clean him up from time to time, especially now that I take him out to the garden with me during the day and he does get dirty.  Some evenings she has to retrieve him from the flower bed when I go in for dinner.  Well, she has to, because I make a lot of noise at night if Elmo is not with me comes bedtime.  It is by far easier to find him when it is still light than having to rely on torch light. 


Mr Puddy said...

Old stuff is always be good friend !
Like my mom...Old and always be my good toy ; )

Dma said...

glad your elmo tickles your fancy.

Brian's Home Blog said...

You and Elmo sure do look cute together pretty girl!

Asta said...

Hewo Chawlotte
It's nice to see you still hewe, I know you awe cheewing SS wif youw lovely pwesence. Elmo looks like a gweat pal to have whewvew you go. nothing like a faithful fwiend
smoochie kisses

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Dear Charlotte,
Gabriel here:
I haz a red blood buddy bean bag dat my dad gave to me and it'z my favorite toy jus like you! ^..^ I carry it around da house and efurry thin! I know how you feel about your Special favorite toy ^.,^ Purrz~ ♥xo

Mickey's Musings said...

Oh Charlotte, we think that is so cool that you love tiny Elmo so much :)
We are even more happy that SS is well trained to keep tabs on his where a bouts too ! heehee
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

Sasha said...

it is comforting to have an old familiar toy.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

PDX pride said...

That's such a lovely picture of you, Charlotte! Thanks for stopping by our bloggie. We're excited that your SS is thinking about adopting a therapy cat in the future. If/when she has any questions, she can ask us and Tabby or Mommy can answer them. All Tabby's visiting posts and information about therapy cats are categorized by tags on the blog. :)

Fenris and Family said...

Mommy won't let us take our inside toys outside now we know why she doesn't wanna go hunt them at midnight, when we remembers we left them outside and we wants them NOW.