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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I overheard SS and her sister discussing my up-coming training schedule on the computer key board. They are going to attach small pads on my paws so that only the pads would come into contact with the keys and not my whole paw which would hit at least 2 keys at once. It may well work but I have a free slave/secretary in SS, so why should/would I want to be subjected to learning typing? They discussed other things too, but they were too impractical and would not win my vote. So, I withdrew into my inner self to contemplate on my ancestry and feline spirituality. More of that to come in the ensuing days.....

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Orable said...

Dear Momo,
my people killed their computer yesterday, but were very lucky to get it running again today. I didn't used to be so lucky for breakfast, either, but I suspect my people feel that giving me little extra treats makes them feel that I won't miss my brother so much. We were together a long time - about ten years.