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Tuesday, 12 June 2007


At last the sun comes out. It is lovely to be able to stretch out on the garden couch to catch the morning sun. SS has washed her Pooh bear hand brake cover which is drying on the line. Looks excessively silly hanging there but I'm sure it would look better in the car since it co-ordinates so well in colour. Haven't ridden in the new car yet but I'm not fond of travelling. Every time I got bundled into the car I was bound for the vet. So, no thanks!

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Orable said...

Dear Momo,
I don't like car rides, either, but sometimes, if I'm good, we end up someplace really exciting, like the beach. Dogs loe to run in the sand, you know, and, if I strech my imaginiation, it is almost like running in the snow - we love that, too. That dangling brake cover sounds like it might make a good toy; just don't let SS catch you in the act, or there will be an end to your fun!