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Monday, 18 June 2007

Monday morning and I'm hungry

It's Monday again and SS is up early to go to uni. I like weekdays because I get fed early - my people sleep in on weekends and I don't get fed until 8am, by which time I would be soooo hungry and cranky that I let out loud and nasty Mieows to let them know.

SS brought back boxes of cat food and a new fan heater yesterday. Must be scholarship pay day! There is not a lot of junk food, I think she is cutting down. However, she still dashed out in the pouring rain to stock up when the ice cream van came by on Saturday. Ice cream in this weather is pretty insane, if you ask me (which no one ever does!).

Please everyone, keep watching this space in the coming days - I'm in a pensive mood and will be coming up with something grandiose. I'm sure all of you would be proud of me.

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