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Saturday, 16 June 2007


Another stormy night - thunder, windy and cold. I stayed indoors but disgraced myself on the carpet. I did ask to be let out but was ignored by the sleepy people. Shouldn't have had the roasted duck meat offered by SS's sister. Added to the cheese that SS gave to me at dinner time it was just too much. My people was quite nice about it and I didn't get chastized. As the backyard has turned into a swamp, I took a walk on top of the fence to survey the neighbouring properties. They looked pretty much like ours.


Orable said...

Dear Momo,

Don't feel too bad. I bet you really enjoyed the treats; that's what they're meant for: pleasure. If some undesireable effect takes place later, it doesn't diminish the pleasure taken in devouring delicious delicacies!


DO said...

Dear MoMo,

Love your Blog site. By the way, don't worry about last night. As long as the mess has been delt with and you didn't get yell at, you should not feel too bad. I am sure your sleepy staff will know better next time!!!


MoMo said...

Thanks everyone for being so nice about it. I really appreciate it.