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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Special postage stamps

I have noticed my friend Momo-dog has her own 'caninalized' postage stamps. Perhaps SS would consider doing the same for me this Christmas and send my 'felinalized' stamps to her friends on Christmas cards. Momo-dog is very cute and has many blog pals. A hamster and I, however, are the only non-canine blog pals among her eighty-odd friends.

SS is giving me a hard time these days with vigorous daily brushing. I showed my displeasure by a pseudo-pounce attack at her foot yesterday after a particularly harrowing brushing session. I would never really attack her! It's like this every spring - moulting time, hairballs.... bluhhhh!

Apart from the brushing and the thunder storms, I do like spring. The days are longer, weather is warmer and there are more chirpy avian visitors to our garden. There are also more colourful flowers and the trees afford more shade as their leaves start to grow back more luxuriantly.


The Cat Realm said...

Hello MoMo!
Thank you for stopping by at my blog, it is very nice meeting you! I like your blog! And you seem to already have a nomss friend? Click on the IDYA#2 the nomss friend button on my sidebar to find out all about nomss friends.
By the way: I ONLY wear photoshop clothes, glasses, wigs, hats, etc. because in real life, if the staff would try to pull something like that: and I quote you here "they'll die". Hahahahahaha....
You seem to be good at photohsop too - don't miss to enter the noms costume contest (sidebar again).
I hope to see you around,

Anonymous said...

Hi, MoMo,

Hope this comment will reach you. Since I have lost my password, I have not been successful in writing on your blog site.

Please be patient to SS. She is a bit strange sometimes and does go crazy with the brushing but she meant well. You know, when you get old, one tend to get a bit OCD.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, It's me MoMo. Forgot to leave my name at the end.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hi MoMO and welcome to da cat blogosphere. Karl introduced yoo over der and we just hadda come by and say hello. Yoor gonna like it here, there are lots of really nice cats.

Cheysuli said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Momo! It's quite nice to meet you.

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

Hi MoMo! Pawesome to meet ya!

~Donny, Marie, Casey

Dragonheart said...

Hello MoMo, nice to meet you. :) I'm Dragonheart, a Sphynx living in Munich, Germany. Since I have no hair, I don't get brushed. I do need weekly baths, though.

Maggy & Zoey said...

Hi MoMo... what fun to visit your site, and we went all the way back to when "you were born in June"... very interesting cat-stuff! We liked it all a lot, and will visit often... p.s., we do kitty pictures, so "borrowed" one of you and we'll write to you when it's ready. We're at zoolatry@gmail.com and our blog is www.zoolatry.blogspot.com

Momo :) said...

Hello Momo! It's Momo... (sorry it might confuse others but I kinda like this greeting. :) ) I have lots of doggie friends but now I am proud to have non-canine friends like you.

Sound like you can also order special postage in OZ which is nice. Please remind your mom to order 'felinalized' stamps and post them on your blog, ok?

Yes, Animal Planet notified me when they featured my name on their front page and I've felt so honoured. The nice thingy is that you've noticed me on the front. That makes me smile! :)

I had to think for a few second.... but spring is around the corner in OZ unlike us in Canada. How nice is that!!

Momo-dog xoxo

Fat Eric said...

Hi Momo! Saw the link to you on the Cat Blogosphere. Always nice to meet another blogging kitty. You have some furry pretty pictures on your blog.
I am a fat floofy ginger kitty blogging in London, UK - come and visit my page some time!

Jimmy Joe said...

Hi there MoMo! We have a lot in common--I have a doggie sister and my momma is writing a diss-er-tay-shun too! She told me that Sydney is a squillion miles away and that it's spring where you live. That's crazy!
Your new buddy, Jimmy joe

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hi MoMo:
We are Samantha & Tigger and we came to say Hello from the Cat Blogosphere and are very pleased to meet a new kitty blogger. Wow you live in Sydney, that is so cool!
Your FL furiends,

The Crew said...

Hi MoMo. Karl told us about you so we wanted to stop by and welcome you to our cat blogging community. Stop over and see us.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty

Daisy said...

Hi MoMo! I am very happy to meet you. I hope you have fun in the cat blogosphere. I will come back and visit you some more!

I really like that surreal cat art.

One-Eyed Jack said...

Hi Momo!!! I'm Jack, and this is my sister Persephone. We're pleased to meet you!

We live really far north in Canada, so far north, autumn is already over!


PS. I hate brushing too! My mommy keeps doing though, 'cause I get hairballs even though I'm a short-haired kitty! ~Persephone

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the cat blogosphere, MoMo!! It is great to meet new kitties. Spring, birdies...? I want to move to Australia.

Ruis from the Netherlands:)

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
O, Momo, good to meet cha. an fanks to Karl fur finding u's.
Purrs, KC

THE ZOO said...

Hi Momo we hurd abowt yoo from Karl at the Cat Realm. yur bery pretty.

The Cat Realm said...

Hi guys, I forgot to give you the link for the Cat Blogosphere:
It is a VERY cool place, you can come every day and find out what's going on in the community!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hi there! it's very nice to meet you. our Lady really really really especially loves fluff, and you've sure got lots of it. she wants to cuddle you.

Anonymous said...

G'day, MoMo! Just found out about you at the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to drop in and say hi.

Enjoy the warm weather down your way. Sounds nice to live where things are getting warmer and not colder!

Orable said...

My, my; look at all these cats! Quite friendly, I am sure, but a dog might being to get a little paranoid!


Momo :) said...

Oh my dog, Momo!! You've met so many kitty friends!!! Are they ok with me, a dog?? Hope so... :)

Momo xoxo

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