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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

New takes on established icons

I am just too full to eat anymore and therefore would not do justice to the Iranian feast that SS has in mind. Therefore, I will leave it for a later date. Instead, I am going to visit our marsupial and other Australian wildlife friends and introduce them to you.

There is no surprise that the kangaroo and koala are on the list. However, look at the photos and you'll see why they are being posted.

Have you seen a kangaroo in the snow? Here is one taken in winter just past when it actually snowed quite a bit in the highlands and even just south of Sydney.

The white koala (above) is a rarity. It is not to be confused with an albino koala which has red eyes. This cutie was found injured in an undisclosed spot and nursed back to health by wildlife rescuers before being released back to his home just a few weeks ago. Not surprisingly, it made national headlines.

Platypus and wombat are favourites of SS, so she wants them mentioned. Once she stayed up all night by a creek waiting for the appearance of these very shy creatures when she was on vacation in Tasmania. She gets very upset when she sees wombats being killed by callous motorists on highways.

The quoll is probably the only one out of all these furries that is suitable to be kept as a pet. It is very loving and friendly. I'm not sure whether it is quite legal for a private citizen to keep one at this stage. However, those who have kept the eastern quolls as pets say that they readily co-habit with other domestic animals such as cats, love cuddles and patting and can even be trained to use a kitty litter.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Quoll looks tastey. Have you ever tried one>

Tybalt said...

I think I would like to play with the wombat!
Thanks so much for visiting me while my mommy was gone and feeding me all of that WONDERFUL food!

Daisy said...

I have never heard of a quoll before! I think the wombat looks very cute, and the white koala, too.

Captain Jack and Dante said...

Mommy loves the white koala bear and the wombat looks really cute too! How neat to have a "Snow in Australia" pic - those cannot be too common!

The Crew said...

Hmmmm, we never heard of that quoll animal. It looks like a big mousie.

Your friend

MoMo said...

The quoll is commonly known as the native cat, hence its place in my blog. Actually, it's not a kitty, it's a carnivorous marsupial. Its baby is very small - the size of a grain of rice and lives in the pouch.

Wombats are cute and cuddly when small but they grow to a rather large size and can easily crush kitties. So, beware when 'playing' with one!

Orable & Charlie said...

oooh qualls are my favourite! They are our friends - carnivores!

Mickey said...

That is quite interesting about the animals.Quoll? Thats a new one.Thanks for introducing it.
Mom was reading yesterday's post about the sausages and drooling.
She likes the idea of men cooking on Sunday ;)
About the momo & water buffalo, I think I'll skip it if it's leathery.Thanks for the warning!!

Gretchen said...

All the cute furry creatures of your land are adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us. My mom bean didn't know that it snowed where the kangaroos lived and she didn't know there were white koalas. Wow, I learned something, too.


Pablo said...

Hi MoMo! I didn't realise that you were an Aussiecat too... that's awesome! Thanks for educating the cat blogosphere on some of our best native animals. My girl human comes from a town in Tasmania that calls itself the 'Platypus Capital of the World'. Despite this fact, she has never seen one in the wild. They are very shy indeed! Hope things are going well with your SS's thesis... does that mean that she will be Dr SS before too long?

Momo :) said...

Momo... I was stuffed already :) so this is a good break. Thanks for introducing these exotic animals. I had no idea white koala bears exist in this world. Very cute!

Momo xoxo

pee ess: I am ready to try Iranian food! :)

Orable & Charlie said...

Momo-dog, yes, all manner of dtrange creatures exist down here, but the novelty wears off. Give me back my squirrels, raccoons, stoats and wild boar any day!

Orable & Charlie said...

A P.S.:
Momos, I am looking at those wet birds outside right now, in the rain and contemplating once again the antipodean fauna. The might look interesting, but I'm telling you they just don't like to play! You walk up and bark at them or try to chase them, and they just look at you, especially those lizards - or else they hop away - HOP! What self-respecting animal would DO something like that? Then, to top it all off, the birds LAUGH at you! Strange, I'm telling you.


Momo :) said...

Hey Momo...Momo here. :) Just wonder how you're up to.
Charlie called us 'momos'! Isn't that cool??

Momo xoxo

The Cat Realm said...

Interesting! Thank you for sharing the wildlife with us - they all look tasty - but they all look also a bit big for me ti hunt???
The maid says I shouldn't even think like that! I am a cat - what is SHE thinking?

Momo :) said...

TGIF, Momo!! Momo here.. thank you for coming by my blog at the first time! I am glad to find your comment after my night walky, yay! :)

You know.. I don't mind wearing an outfit especially winter. It gets really cold in Toronto and booties are the must! But not so sure about costume.. I do it for my mom really. I can easily please my hooomans, as you know :P

OMD, you have two pawties to attend? You're busy girl as well as SS!

Can't wait Iranian feast!!

Momo xoxo

Sassy Cat said...

I will be back to read your post after my party, it sure looks interesting. I am working so hard on it I haven't a minute. I wanted to let you know that if you miss the party I will have you over to my place anyway. I will put some snacks back for you, save a party favor, and play the games with you. Don't worry I won't let you miss out. Talk later. Hope you make it but if not I've got your back.

Tigger said...

I wonder if kangaroo fur comes off if you lick it??
She sees kangaroos every single day, when She's driving in the car in Canberra.

Pyewacket and Trixie said...

She said She's never seen a quoll, and only seen a platypus in the wild once, well, it was in the big lake in the center of Canberra in Australia.
And if She sees kangaroos every single day, why can't She go get one and bring it home for us to play with?