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Wednesday, 10 October 2007


SS is away at uni all the time these days and I feel lonely. Please talk to me! This thesis of hers is taking a long time. Her scholarship is coming to an end in December and I hope that's not going to mean the end of kitty treats.
PS. This is not me but the kitty looks forlorn and we seem to share something in common so I decide to put it up.


Orable said...

Dear Momo,
I know how you feel. I used to spend the days with my brother when everyone was away. We didn't always do everything together, but the other one was always there. Now I am alone when my people are out and my owner spends all her free time at uni instead of at home, just being around. I have taken to long naps and dreams of bygone adventures, but it can be a lonely life!

MoMo said...

You were lucky to have had a companion. I only had my children and they only stayed with me for less than a year. Perhaps when our owners finish their theses they may spend more time with us.